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Otros campos de la pestaña Desarrollo



Otros campos de la pestaña Desarrollo

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Send Newsletter

For lookups related to your newsletter mailing list

For default Newsletter Recipients lookup


When you check this box, nothing happens until you hit save or switch to another contact (automatically saved) Automatic actions:

Name is marked as Deceased

Address, phone, and internet addresses are struck-through

Greetings are marked Deceased

Other considerations when a partner dies:

If there is a surviving spouse, do not check the Deceased box

If the husband dies

1.Make an entry in the top of your Notes tab: "Husband (Bill) died 11/24/2008". Putting it here makes it always visible, helping you avoid an embarrassing comment to the wife.

2.Move the wife's name and title (if used) to be the primary name on the contact

Do not delete a contact who is deceased if they have ever given a gift. Otherwise your giving record will be incomplete. Also, when downloading gifts from your organization, TntMPD may try to re-add them.

Referred by and Referred by list

Referred by helps you know who was the source of names.

A referrer could be a person, an organization, or even an event (such as a Missions Conference)

Un contacto puede haber sido referido por más de una persona. Esta situación puede pasar en lugares donde muchos contactos se conocen.

Bottom Line

The bottom line with most of the fields (such as Send Newsletter, Magazine, Direct Deposit) on the MPD Tab is that they are there for your benefit in tracking your donors, or more importantly, "looking up" your donors. Lookups is the topic for a later session.

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