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Paso a paso: Configurar TntMPD



Paso a paso: Configurar TntMPD

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Paso a paso: Configurar TntMPD

Each of these is described in greater detail in the specific sections for each item. This tutorial is designed to help you assign the most important options to get your TntMPD database up and running quickly.

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1.On the General Tab, set your monthly goal.

2.On the General Tab, set your MPD week start date (typically Sunday or Monday).

3.If you will be downloading multiple designations into TntMPD, check the box for "Display extended information (TntMPD Pro)". If you do not know what this means, just ignore this item!

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4.On the International Tab, confirm that your home and mailing country is correct. (The default for this is created when you entered your own information when first setting up your database.)

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