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The MPD Phase defines each contact’s status on your ministry partner team.

The MPD Phase is the lynch pin of TntMPD’s analysis features.

Every contact starts in a position of blankness, which is either “n/a” (no phase assigned) or “Never contacted” (I’m just starting with this contact.)

The MPD Phases move downward through an increasing level of engagement.

The first five phases are “pre-decision”.

MPD Principle: Your goal in MPD is to have each contact make a decision.

The decision line is the point where a contact has made a decision, Yes or No.

If Yes, then they become a “Partner” in one of three ways:

Partner-Financial (a pledged partner)

Partner-Special (a donor, but has not committed to a specific amount or frequency)

Partner-Prayer (they are interested in your ministry, but through prayer only)

If No, then they are “Not Interested”

Another “No” is “Never Ask”.

What’s the difference between “Not Interested” and “Never Ask”?

Not Interested means THEY said No

Never Ask means YOU said No

Question: Do I need to move every contact through every phase?

No. Many contacts may leap over several phases, especially the pre-decision phases. For example, when you Call for an Appointment, you may get a "No" at that time.


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