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Más consejos sobre el desarrollo



Más consejos sobre el desarrollo

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Más consejos sobre el desarrollo

Care for your ministry partners more than you care for their money.

If there is one principle I could share about MPD, it is that MPD is Ministry to your partners!

What is the greatest hindrance to raising support? TntMPD.

It’s easy to use “I have to XYZ in TntMPD before I can [start making calls]

Don’t spend time using TntMPD when you should be working

Schedule your TntMPD ‘maintenance’ time for non-productive hours that you cannot be on the phone or on appointments

When you have a list of tasks to perform, always do first the task that is most likely to generate support

If you have to choose between easy and hard tasks, always do the hardest one first; get it out of the way!

Don’t answer for your contacts; let them decide for themselves

You waste a lot of time and effort needlessly choosing for your partners and letting fear and uncertainty control your effort. Just dial the phone!

Read "Funding Your Ministry" by Scott Morton every year.

This is the most helpful book I have ever read on MPD. I read it every year, and in particular before I start working on a significant MPD effort such as seeking a lot of new support.

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