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Pestaña Notas



Pestaña Notas

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The Notes tab is a simple note pad where freeform notes can be stored. Information entered here will also display in the Notes field in the <Name & Address Bar>.

Instead of using the Notes area to record information from a phone call or appointment, record these notes in the Description field when logging history.

Advertencia del uso de TntMPD Sync

For users who use TntSync to keep two TntMPD databases synchronized there is the potential for conflicts when both users update the same Notes field. TntMPD cannot synchronize one field when both databases have been updated independently.

Consejo práctio: Pestaña Notas

Put Notes in the Notes Tab that are not conversation specific. Things like their interests, plans, children's education, etc. These are items learned from the contact during phone calls and appointments.

Do not record conversation-specific things, or dates and times of phone calls or appointments. Use the <Log History> for that.

You can merge the Notes tab in a mail merge. Some people like to create a "ministry partner info card" to take with them to review on the way to appointments. They merge names, children and other information from the Personal tab, notes, etc.

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