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Move database to Dropbox


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Move database to Dropbox

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Using Dropbox allows you to keep your TntConnect database in sync between your multiple computers, and also provides a constant off-site backup in the cloud. And it works on both Mac and PC! TntConnect is "Dropbox Enhanced".

Resolving Dropbox Conflicts

TntConnect was designed to expect these conflict files and deal with them. This way you don't lose anyone's work in TntConnect when they were disconnected from the Internet. Now when you start TntConnect, if TntConnect finds a new conflict file, it will prompt you to deal with it:

Just make sure the box is checked for each conflict file and click "Auto-Sync". Within a few seconds, you'll see this:

Now, your TntConnect database will have all the changes that would have otherwise been lost.

What if I don't have Dropbox?

TntConnect will help you get started. Just pull up the "Dropbox" dialog. There are two ways to do this. Under the "File" menu, click on "Resolve Dropbox Conflicts". Or click the Dropbox icon on the tool bar.

Now you should see this:

Click the first button and your web browser will pull up the Dropbox website here. Follow the instructions to install Dropbox and/or create an account. Once Dropbox is installed, you should see the Dropbox icon in your system tray (PC or Mac):

Back in TntConnect, the Dropbox dialog should have changed to this:

Click the second button to automatically move your database to Dropbox. It will move it to a "TntConnect" folder inside your Dropbox folder:

You can run this on all your computers (PC or Mac). On all your other computers you can run this same procedure to get Dropbox installed and your database moved over.

Keep your eye on the Dropbox icon in TntConnect

If you ever see it turn red, you don't need to wait for TntConnect to prompt you. Just click it and deal with those pesky "conflict file" right away!

What about Google Drive?

The problem with Google Drive is that if more than one person opens TntConnect at the same time and makes changes, Google will not create a "conflict file" for the person whose changes get lost. This means that one person's changes will win and the other person's changes will be gone forever.

So take this bit of advice: USE DROPBOX. DO NOT USE GOOGLE DRIVE with TntConnect!

Comments on this Help Topic

IndyLittle wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 1 May 2014 8:23 PM

My spouse and I are having significant issues with data loss while syncing. Our backup files continue to retain the data, but our main files are not syncing properly. Most prominently this is occurring in the notes section and groups for a contact we are editing. We are careful not to each edit the same contact at the same time. Still the edits one person makes are not showing up in the other person's database after syncing.

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 1 May 2014 10:12 PM

The "prevent multiple users at the same time" option is supposed to avoid conflicts for the most part.  But if you're often running into conflicts (cause maybe you work offline often), you might try keeping separate databases between you and your wife, and then use TntSync to keep them in sync:   --Troy

Stacy Young wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 15 May 2014 6:58 PM

I just moved our database to dropbox and noticed that we still get the message "the database is in use by another user - would you like to open in read only". We have 2-3 people accessing TNT at the same time on different computers in the office. Each computer has dropbox installed. I noticed if we "ignore" this message, then each user can still access TNT and make most changes. Then when logging out, all of the changes get updated in Dropbox. However, it doesn't let me add a task or edit a task.

Can you help me understand why the "read-only" message appears even in dropbox and can we "ignore" it since the changes appear to update once we click the dropbox icon.

Thanks - Stacy

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 19 May 2014 6:29 PM

Here's my reply to Stacy on the forums:

Daniel Henry wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 26 Oct 2014 5:29 AM

My wife and I are trying to follow the above instructions but when we get past the first step -- install Dropbox from -- the program doesn't recognize that we've completed that step (the second step, "Move my database to dropbox now", doesn't light up), the program still wants me to do something but I don't know what I did wrong. What do I do if the Dropbox dialog doesn't changed to this



Bob Mac Leod wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 27 Oct 2014 3:00 AM

One option is to manually move the database yourself.

1. Make sure TntMPD is closed.

2. In your Dropbox folder, create a new subfolder called "TntMPD" (the name is irrelevant--that's for your benefit)

3. In the folder your database is in, Right-click on the database and "Cut" it.

4. Open the new TntMPD folder in Dropbox

5. Right-click and "Paste" the database.

6. Double-click on the newly-pasted database to open it.

Now TntMPD will find the database in Dropbox and always save it there.

Mary.B.Broadwater wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 26 Jan 2015 11:27 AM

I have gotten my databases moved to Dropbox using the method described above, within TntMPD clicking "Resolve Dropbox Conflicts". They have been saved in my dropbox, and opening them has worked just by re-typing my password...

The concern is that the original databases under My Documents on my computer are also still there. And if I open them database in TntMPD it wants me to set up a password.

I am not sure why the move to dropbox within TntMPD didn't move the original database in the same step. Should I delete the original, or try merging them?

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 30 Jan 2015 7:00 PM

Hi Mary,  It was supposed to "Move" not "Copy", so I'm not sure why you still have a TntMPD database in your My Documents folder.  Maybe it's a different database, or maybe it's a copy of your database.  Open it up and see how long it's been since you logged a history or entered a gift.  If it's old or irrelevant, delete it.

Andi wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 28 Mar 2018 5:07 PM

I have added dropbox to both computers and added my database, but when I make a change on one computer it is not showing up on the 2nd.  What am I doing wrong?

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 2 Apr 2018 5:44 PM

Andi, you have to close TntConnect in order for Dropbox to kick in and start syncing the file.

jandm.axt wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 11 Apr 2018 3:02 PM

I was just in some training that recommended against using dropbox for TNT due to online security issues.  Is there a way to encrypt the TNT database or make it more secure.  

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 17 May 2018 10:07 PM

BoxCryptor for Dropbox

Roxie Geeting wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 9 Jul 2019 4:38 AM

THANK YOU!!!! for encouraging us to use the Dropbox and back up!  I didn't remember actually doing it... and my laptop crashed this last week and thought I lost all my information - specifically my notes on correspondence! not to mention all the time of inserting all the information as our agency doesn't use your software..  As I followed the breadcrumbs of clues... about Dropbox (which I did remember downloading!), I found I had a password for it, so I looked it up and also found the backup! WHEW!!!!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!  

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Move database to Dropbox
on 10 Jul 2019 9:06 PM

Wow, Roxie!  That's amazing.  I'm so glad you were able to recover all your TntConnect data!

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