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Mass Mailings / Newsletters


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Mass Mailings / Newsletters

Your history with your ministry partners can be broken down into two different types: A high "relationship quotient" or a low one. A high one would include personal phone calls and e-mails, and hand-written thank you cards or other letters. Low ones include regular newsletters and mass e-mails such as prayer requests or ministry updates.

TntMPD has a special Mass Mailings feature that helps you both record and exclude these items from your history.

To record the task, use the "Newsletter" task type, regardless of whether it is a printed letter or an e-mail message. There are two primary advantages to using the Newsletter task type:

1.You can hide these mass mailings from the history, allowing you to see tasks that have a higher relationship quotient. (Note: If the Newsletter event also has an Appeal associated with it, it will not hide.)

2.The "Newsletter" task type does not update the "Last Letter" field.

Tip: Use Group Actions | Log Group History to record the newsletter or e-mail for all members of the Current Group.

History tab with all history:

Task with "Hide Mass Mailings" checked:

You can also "Hide Mass Mailings" in the History View:

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