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Writing Meaningful Descriptions

Over the years, you could easily complete hundreds, even thousands, of tasks related to your ministry partner development. Don’t rely on your memory to keep track of what you have done and conversations you have had—let the power of TntMPD work for you.

Writing meaningful descriptions will help you quickly and easily review the history of your relationship-building activities with each partner so you can spend more time building that relationship and less time wondering what you have done.

Here are some ideas for writing meaningful descriptions:



When someone makes a decision, start your description with "DECISION:"

DECISION: Join at $50/month
DECISION: Cannot give at this time, but wants to get letter.

Unsuccessful attempt? Write why.

Initial Contact (busy)
Initial Contact (busy again)
Initial Contact (4-year-old answered)
Initial Contact (wrong number: 555-1212; should be 555-2121)

If your contact is married, put the name of the spouse you talked to on a call.

Follow-up call from appointment (Bill)

If you send or receive a non-financial gift, indicate that as a Letter

Letter/Sent: "Birthday gift for Bill's 50th"
Letter/Received: "Received birth gift for Jack-Jack (pajamas)"

When a ministry partner changes their pledge amount, record a task that clearly describes the change. This will help you keep track of their pledge changes over time.

DECISION: Increased $10 to $60/month

If your spouse also works on MPD, it may be helpful to record who performs the task by putting her/his name or initials in brackets at the beginning. If one of you does most of the MPD work, you may want to assume that no name means the primary person did the task

[MIKE] Called to set up appt

[MARCY] Send thank-you for EXTRA gift of $200.00.

[MIKE] Lunch with George

Tip: Chance Encounters (Appointments)

Visiting your home church and meet a partner in the lobby? Walking through the grocery store and chat with a partner in the checkout line? Log “chance encounters” as an Appointment with a special code in the description, such as “CE: Met at church”. If you always use the same code, you will always recognize it. Also, using the same code helps when finding history using the Filter on the History View.

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