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Manual Gift Entry Form


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Manual Gift Entry Form

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The Manual Gift Entry Form enables quick entry of gift for those users serving in ministries which do not have automatic download and do not receive a file from their organization. Indeed, it is this feature that makes TntConnect particularly useful for any missionary, in any organization. In alphabetical order it lists all partners who have given in the past 13 months.

Menu Path: Tools | Manual Gift Entry Form

The Manual Gift Entry Form provides a list of all contacts who have given in the past 13 months. If a contact has given their first gift this month, their name will appear above the dashed line. (If there are no gifts in the current month, the form—shown below—will be blank, so you can enter the gifts.) You can enter gifts specific by currency.

This form is most likely to be used by a missionary whose organization does not have web download available and sends the missionary a printed report. This form is designed for quick entry of an entire month's donations. When a missionary has no gifts for the month yet (for example, they only enter gifts once per month), the Gift Input Form will have no amounts, just recent donors. This will allow for quick entry of donations.

If you have not entered gifts for the month, you can press this button to duplicate all gifts from the previous month. This is particularly helpful when you receive roughly the same gifts every month (e.g., via electronic funds transfer). You can add/remove any gifts as needed.

Since your list will only include those who have given a gift in the past 13 months, you may need to find an existing contact to add a gift. Select a contact from your database to add to the Gift Input Form. Note: This does not add contacts to your database.

Duplicate the line you currently have selected, to add a second gift for the selected contact

If you receive printed donation summaries from your organization, it is likely you will receive these after the month end. In that case, you can select a different month to input gifts.

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Comments on this Help Topic

Erik3Wmson wrote re: Gift Input Form (manual input)
on 17 Dec 2012 5:52 PM

How can I extract manual gift details, such as name, date of gift and gift amount for gifts entered manually?  Basically, I want a contribution report, but at a transaction level instead of a summary level.

Bob Mac Leod wrote re: Gift Input Form (manual input)
on 29 Dec 2012 3:39 PM

There is not currently a report that exports all gifts. If you link your database to an Access database you can view all of the gifts. But it will not display in an attractive report--with donor names, etc.; you would have to do some Excel work to combine the two.

auanrenee wrote re: Manual Gift Entry Form
on 2 May 2014 2:02 PM

Is it possible to import Gift information from a csv file like you would contacts?  I'm not able to link to our organization via web.  Looking for a quick way to upload giving information.  Thanks!

thompson5 wrote re: Manual Gift Entry Form
on 29 Oct 2014 8:55 AM

Our organization does not use this software so I must manually input all donations received. I have records going back some years and I would like the program to automatically enter past donations based on the amount and the date. e.g. to be able to enter $100/month for Joe Smith from January 2012 until the present. Is there anyway to do this, or must each and every donation be entered manually?

Bob Mac Leod wrote re: Manual Gift Entry Form
on 30 Oct 2014 2:43 PM

This is possible, but TntMPD is not designed to do this. So you have to create a file that TntMPD thinks is a gift input from an organization. Here is a past Forum entry on this subject. In my experience, this is a complex task. Make sure you include your own staff number from your organization. TntMPD will not import a gift list without a "designation" (even though you view yourself as the only person in the database).

ElmoCompton wrote re: Manual Gift Entry Form
on 14 May 2015 10:49 PM

Hi! So, i added my donor list and now i want to update the gifts. My organization doesn't sync with tntmpd s i have downloaded the report and have it in a .csv form. Can i upload this to the program in any other way than manually? Can i upload it just like i did the contacts? Thanks!  

Bob Mac Leod wrote re: Manual Gift Entry Form
on 18 May 2015 7:23 PM

Yes, it is possible, but it is not "easy" in the sense of just click-and-import like you did with contacts. The file needs to be formatted correctly, *as if* it was a TntMPD gift download file. There are several things you would need to do to the file each month, especially if your .csv download does not contain all of the details (such as the unique gift id).

By the way, you may want to ask your organization to contact to talk to him about how your organization CAN sync with TntMPD!

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