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TntConnect 4.0.2 BETA

This might only be a beta for less than 24 hours, but it's getting late, and I don't have time to prepare the general announcement.  Maybe tomorrow.  :) 

Other than a few bug fixes, there are two things worth mentioning:

  • We extended the cutoff date for non-DonorHub gift imports to May 31, 2020.
  • For new installations on CrossOver, we simplified it by providing a CrossTie file.

A "CrossTie" file is a "recipe" that tells CrossOver all it needs to properly install an application.  The CrossTie file is provided in the main download page:


It's also referred to in the FAQ:  How can I run TntConnect on my Mac?  which now has half as many steps!

I'd appreciate any quick testing and feedback!


Posted 1 Mar 2020 12:56 AM by Troy Wolbrink


MarkHallsten wrote re: TntConnect 4.0.2 BETA
on 6 Mar 2020 4:27 PM

Troy, thank you so much for the ongoing improvements! I have not upgraded to Catalina on my Mac because several of my applications (including TNT) have not yet been able to run on Catalina. You have now removed that barrier. I am looking forward to using TNT 4.0, However...

My organization does not have plans to use DonorHub. Syncing from a file is still my best option. Could you please clarify the TNT roadmap? You announced that the cutoff date for non-DonorHub gift imports is May 31, 2020. Will that cut off be implemented by a future TNT update (to say 4.03)? May I stop upgrades to TNT at 4.02 and still have the ability to import a file?

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: TntConnect 4.0.2 BETA
on 6 Mar 2020 4:54 PM

Hi Mark, the cutoff in 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 was March 31, 2020.  Since 4.0.2 it was extended to May 31, 2020.  If you plan to import from a file indefinitely, you'll need to stay on 3.5.

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