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Error Messages



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Error Messages

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Error messages occur for two reasons:

1.You have performed a task that you are not allowed to do, either because you do not have the correct access, or more likely, the system will not allow such an action to occur. For example, you cannot save a Designation with a description but no number. These are the most common errors, and the way to resolve them is to do something differently (for example, if the error says there must be a value, click OK and then enter a value).

2.There is a bug in the software. Although DonorWise has been thoroughly tested, errors that do occur are often found by users. If you find a bug, you can report it by first viewing the details, then sending those details to tech support.

When you press these buttons, your email will open and a new message will be created. The body of the message will contain important technical items related to what you were doing, as well as some questions for you to answer to help tech support solve this bug. Actual program bugs are typically fixed promptly and an updated version of DonorWise is released.

Common User Errors

Field 'Code' must have a value.

This error occurs because you have attempted to save a table without a value. Assessment schemes, GL accounts, designation numbers, etc., all use tables. DonorWise will not let you save a table — or even exit — without all of the appropriate fields filled in.

Cancel the changes you made and correct them.

Delete the erroneous row.

Built-in error message mailer

The following illustration shows a rather cryptic error. The  button displays technical information and also reveals two new buttons,  and .

Displays technical information about the error.

Creates an email message including the error details.

Copies the error details to your clipboard so you can paste them in an email message. Use this button if you cannot send the email directly from DonorWise.

Including screen shots

If you are having a hard time describing what you were doing at the time the error occurred, you may wish to include a screen shot of where you were or what you were doing.

1.To do this, re-create what you were doing when the error occurred, and press “Print Screen” on your keyboard at the point immediately prior to when the error message appeared. It is not necessary to include the actual error message in the screen shot, since the text details will be included in the e-ail message.

2.Pressing “Print Screen” will cause a picture of your screen to be loaded to the clipboard. You can then paste it into your e-mail message.

3.We recommend the use of the free “Print Key” utility, which will allow you to save the image as a JPEG file which you can then attach to the email message. This will decrease the size of the email message. The Print Key utility also has a number of other useful features. Print Key is included on many of the IFM Solomon Resources CD’s, and can be down loaded from the web. (Try searching for it on Google.)

Screen codes

Screen codes are textual descriptions of each screen. These codes can be displayed in the DonorWise title bar and could be helpful when describing a problem to tech support — especially if the DonorWise interface has been translated into a different language.

The screen codes always remain the same regardless of the language. Screen Codes could also be helpful if you are translating DonorWise. In the illustration below, the screen code is the portion of text in [square brackets, like this].

Screen codes can be toggled on and off from the Help menu.

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