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How to run a Summer Project



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How to run a Summer Project

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Summer Projects are a unique type of event because of the unusual nature of the relationship between the Designations and the Responsibility Centres. In many cases, especially Staff designations, a RC will have just one designation. Some ministry RCs may have multiple designations.

Summer Projects (or any event where there are non-staff members raising funds) are typically designed with one RC for the project, then a separate designation for each participant. This allows the project director to track the fund-raising efforts for each attendee individually, while still managing all the project funds combined.

How to run a Summer Project

1.Set up the project Responsibility Centre (in the General Ledger)

2.[Optional] Create the summer project designation. This is a type of general fund for the project. Even if no funds will be raised for the project, having this designation will provide a designation for all participant designations to be redirected to after the project. Assign the designation to the project RC.

3.Create a separate designation for each participant. Assign all designations to the project RC.

4.Each participant raises the funds for their anticipated needs and submits the funds to the ministry.

5.After the project, redirect each designation to the summer project's general designation.

This same process can be repeated year after year for the same project.

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