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Set up your organization to sync their donations with MPDX!


MPDX is a great support raising tool on its own.  But it's significantly better when your donation information flows directly into it.  This will not only save you and your staff time from manually entering or importing donations (which is also error prone), but you will also receive these benefits automatically:

  • You will be automatically notified when to thank your partners (either as a thank-you task or via email)
  • When viewing a partner, you will be able to see their up-to-date giving information.
  • All the reports and analysis in MPDX will always be current.

To make this integration possible, TntWare has launched a cloud-based service called DonorHub.

This is a fully managed cloud-service.  We manage the hosting, and we maintain the integration with your organization's donation tracking systems.  We support a large number of donation/accounting systems, including:

More systems are added each month.  Even if your system is not on the list, please don't hesitate to contact us.

DonorHub Online is $65 per month, with an additional $1 per month per staff unit (missionary family) who is granted access.

Please contact us for more information!
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