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Scan Range Minimum/Maximum



Scan Range Minimum/Maximum

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Sometimes old data is archived in your donation/accounting system, and it becomes no longer available for querying. DonorHub Lite might have a copy of this archived data from when it ran the source scanner in the past. After the data in your source system is archived or purged, it's important that you specify a Scan Range Minimum. If you don't specify a scan range minimum, and you try to scan too far back, DonorHub Lite will notice that data that used to be available is no longer available. Therefore it will try to purge its own copy of the data in an attempt to "stay current". So, unless you actually want to lose this archived data in DonorHub Lite, you need to specify a Scan Range Minimum.

Remove the check next to "Use Template" under "Scan Range Minimum" to allow custom editing.

If, for example, the data before the year 2000 was archived and no longer available, you would enter "2000" as the minimum scan range. For help on understanding how to enter these values correctly, refer to the reference on scan codes.

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You can also specify the "Scan Range Maximum". The reasons for setting this value are much less common. But one case where this might be used is where a source system only has data for one year at a time (i.e. a new file is created for every new year). You could set the maximum to the end of the year to prevent the scan range from exceeding that. In our example, we could put a minimum scan range of "2000" and a maximum scan range of "20001231" to limit the scan range to the year 2000.


Note: A special placeholder, #MIN_SCAN_RANGE_PLUS_ONE_YEAR#, has been designed for the specific case of limiting a scan range to a particular year. To use this feature, you can enter this placeholder into the Scan Range Maximum box. The name might be a little misleading. It's technically: MIN_SCAN_RANGE + 1 year - 1 day.

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