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Configuring DonorHub Lite



Configuring DonorHub Lite

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How to Configure DonorHub Lite

1.Under the "Tools" menu, click on "System Setup".

Menu Path: Tools | System Setup

2.Click on the "Contact" tab, and set the default country information.

Press the <Apply> button.

3.Click on the "Data Sources" tab

Press the <New> button.

4.Select the data source that specifically applies to you. If nothing specific applies, choose "<Custom> (Microsoft OLEDB)".

Press the <OK> button.

5.If you chose "<Custom>...", then refer to the Custom Integration Guide. If someone has shared a template file with you, you may load it from the "Template" tab. Or if you did NOT choose "<Custom>...", then double-click on each placeholder to enter it's value. After entering the information, click "OK".

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Read More > Custom Integration Guide

Note to DonorWise users

Enter the server name, database name, login and password to connect to your DonorWise database. You must choose a login that is a member of the "Report Writer" role within DonorWise. It's recommended that you create a new user in DonorWise with membership only in the "Report Writer" role solely for this purpose. (Being a member of "Report Writer" grants a user read-only access to special reporting views).

Anonymous Motivation Code

You can select a specific motivation code from the DonorWise database to be the "Anonymous" motivation code. Using this code allows donor giving information to be kept in DonorWise but appear as anonymous to the designations (when viewed in the Staff Portal or TntConnect).

Note to The Raiser's Edge users

This template was designed and tested with version 7.8 of Raiser's Edge. It will use Windows NT integrated authentication to connect to SQL Server. If this doesn't work for you, you may customize the connection to SQL Server by clicking on "Customize...". Set $HIDE_ANONYMOUS_DONORS$ to TRUE to make the gifts marked as anonymous to have a donor ID of "00000" and a donor name of "Anonymous".

6.Click on the "Donation" tab and select the default currency used in DonorWise to record donations. Click on "Apply".

7.Click on the "Organization" tab. You will be prompted to enter your organization name. Enter the name as you want it to appear in TntConnect.

Press the <OK> button.

8.Then check the abbreviation and "Organization Code". You may also enter a URL to a logo or banner ad that can be used to better help your staff identify your organization from within TntConnect.

Note: Make sure the "Organization Code" is comprised of your abbreviation AND country code so that it uniquely identifies your organization. This allows staff using TntConnect to keep information they download from your organization separate from data they might also download from other organizations now or in the future.

9.Click on the TntConnect tab. Notice the "Account Signup URL", "Profile Setup URL" and "Tech Support URL". These are integration points between TntConnect and your organization. When a staff member picks your organization from the list and needs some help, these URLs are provided to them from TntConnect. You may provide a web site URL (beginning with "http:") if you have online tools to help your staff. Or you may provide an email (prefixed by "mailto:" to provide a link to send you an email.

10.Press the <OK> button.

Congratulations! You've configured DonorHub Lite.


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