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  • Export - Groups only?

    It seems like I'm only able to export a donor list by individual group. Is that the case? Can I not export reports and lists of donors by other criteria?
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Steven Maus on 16 Mar 2022
  • Video: Saved Groups

    Setting Up & Using Groups This tutorial walk you through the steps of setting up Groups in TntConnect. Help topic(s) related to this video: Groups / Saved Groups TntConnect Videos Video: Manage an Increase Strategy Using Saved Groups < Prev Topic | Next Topic >
    Posted to Exploring TntConnect by TntWare on 25 Jun 2020
    Filed under: groups, Groups View, saved groups, videos, Groups View overview (video), groups saved (video), saved groups video overview, videos groups
  • Create Mass E-mail

    Sending the Current Group an e-mail TntConnect does not actually send e-mail messages. What it does is create some of the basic information for your e-mail software to use. There are some tasks you need to perform manually. This help topic covers how to send a Mass E-mail to all contacts. This creates...
    Posted to Exploring TntConnect by TntWare on 25 Jun 2020
    Filed under: groups, e-mail, groups send e-mail to, mass e-mail, e-mail send to group, Using MailChimp with TntMPD
  • Grouping Contacts Together (Saved Groups)

    The Current Group is the displayed list of contacts in the Contacts View—it is the set of contacts you are viewing at any given moment. (Dig deeper: What is the Current Group? ) A Saved Group is a set of contacts you have combined together so you can view or reference them later. ( Quick Guide for making...
    Posted to Exploring TntConnect by TntWare on 25 Jun 2020
    Filed under: current group, groups, groups current, groups saved, Groups View overview, Groups View, saved groups
  • Current Group

    Current Group The Current Group means the currently-in-use list of contacts. In the Contact View, that is the list of contacts on the left side of the screen. The Current Group is a very fluid, changing set of contacts. It changes every time a lookup is performed. Read More > Lookups Overview The...
    Posted to Exploring TntConnect by TntWare on 25 Jun 2020
    Filed under: groups (current), current group, groups, groups (current) overview, groups current
  • Managing a group

    I would like to turn one group into its own separate database. I began a group to keep track of our organization's donors within our own personal TNT database. So far I am only entering addresses and have not yet entered gifts. I would like to begin 2020 having two different databases--one for our...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Roxanne on 8 Jan 2020
  • End of the Year Letter- Segmenting List

    I'm trying to think though then figure out how to select various groups that I might send a personalized End of the year letter to. I'd added folks from our local church that we started attending and made list for them. I selected my monthly donors. I've taken these two look up and those...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Tom Mabie on 4 Dec 2017
  • Assign a task to every member of a group simultaneously

    Is there a way to add a task to every member of a group at once? I know that I can see the whole group, but can only add the same task to each member one at a time. If I want to send out a message to everyone from one country, and then another message to everyone from another country is there a quicker...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by CatherinedeF on 25 Nov 2017
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