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  • Dropbox Change

    I want to change where I save my backup file. How do I change the path? FYI: I just got an automated window, instructing me to save my backup file to Dropbox. I said yes, but when I check BOTH my Dropbox accounts, it's not in either account. Strange. Thanks for any help you can give me. Hope the...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Cytoddccc on 28 Aug 2020
  • Video: TntConnect Database on Dropbox

    Backup & Sync Your Database Using Dropbox Learn how to use a free service called Dropbox to setup an automatic backup of your TntConnect database file. Not only will this protect you from a hard drive crash or stolen laptop, but it also will sync your database with another computer. Dropbox by default...
    Posted to Exploring TntConnect by TntWare on 25 Jun 2020
    Filed under: videos, videos Dropbox, Dropbox video, Dropbox
  • Re: Backing up to a different Dropbox

    Ok... looks like I found a way: Tools; Options; Installation; Backup to a Specific Folder (for backing up to a thumb drive, which is good enough in this situation). I'll figure out the Dropbox issue later. Cy
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Cytoddccc on 21 Feb 2020
  • Backing up to a different Dropbox

    Sorry to ask this question. I've looked in the Forum and FAQ's, but can't seem to find an answer. I need to change the Dropbox to which my back ups go. (for instance: currently it's backed up to: Dropbox#1. But that Dropbox doesn't belong to me anymore, so I need to send the backup...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Cytoddccc on 21 Feb 2020
  • How can I share my database with my spouse over Dropbox?

    If you don't yet have a free Dropbox account: You can sign up for a free Dropbox here! On your computer that has the database you want to share, open TntConnect. Click the "Dropbox" button on the toolbar. If you don't have this button, you need to upgrade to TntConnect. If you don't...
    Posted to Frequently Asked Questions (English) by Troy Wolbrink on 4 Feb 2020
    Filed under: Dropbox
  • How can TntConnect help me use Dropbox better?

    For a few years now, I've been encouraging TntConnect users to put their database on Dropbox. It not only allows you to keep your TntConnect database in sync between your multiple computers, but it also provides a constant off-site backup in the cloud. And it works on both Mac and PC! TntConnect...
    Posted to Frequently Asked Questions (English) by Troy Wolbrink on 4 Feb 2020
    Filed under: Dropbox, TntConnect
  • Contacts Disappeared

    On September 29th I opened TNT and immediately had a message from Dropbox asking me if I would like to back up my TNT account to my Dropbox account. I said 'yes' and it saved to DB. I then opened TNT and all but 4 contacts were gone. I have tried repeatedly to find backups or go to older files...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Joe Friesen on 1 Oct 2019
  • Should I use Dropbox or Google Drive to sync my database between computers?

    Dropbox is a free web-based service that provides up to 2 GB of data storage, and it works with both Macs and PCs. Dropbox will not only help you synchronize your database between computers, it will maintain a safe and secure web-based backup, in case your laptop is ever lost, stolen or damaged. Many...
    Posted to Frequently Asked Questions (English) by Troy Wolbrink on 22 Aug 2018
    Filed under: Dropbox
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