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  • Non-Personal Gifts Not Available on Web

    I need to find all gifts not available on the web and not personal gifts for manual reporting purposes. I'd like to do something like shown on this page (i.e. filtering the partners and gifts meeting the criteria):
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Karl_Rogers on 16 Feb 2024
  • Search or Filter by Date Created

    I'd like o look up who are some of the longest-running members of our prayer letter list. I can see the "Created Date" for a particular person under "Contact Details" but can't find this field in the Lookup or Sort tools. I'm guessing this means I'll need to use some...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Colby Weinhofer on 29 Jan 2020
  • Re: Lookup from External List

    Sorry to just be getting back to this. Thanks for the help Troy. With your suggestion of using ContactIDs and a little Excel magic, I think I found a way to do it: 1.) Export a list of ALL your partners with their email addresses (or whatever you want to use to lookup people by) and ContactIDs into an...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Colby Weinhofer on 20 Oct 2019
  • Lookup from External List

    Is there a way for TNT to use do a lookup using an externally supplied list? Let's say for example, I hold a fundraising banquet among my supporters. I have in excel a list of all the people who attended the banquet. Now I want to make add their attendance as a history item in TNT. But to do a mass...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Colby Weinhofer on 4 Sep 2019
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