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Tipos de tareas



Tipos de tareas

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Tipos de tareas

Tipo de tarea

Description (suggestion only; not required by TntMPD)


Typically a face-to-face visit where you shared your ministry with a potential partner. Or, could be a visit with an existing partner where you shared a ministry update. This could also be a phone appointment or even an online appointment. The basic principle is that an appointment is a scheduled and intentional meeting to share your ministry with a contact.


Any time you dial the phone to reach a contact.

If you make a call to thank a contact, use the Thank task type instead.

If the call is in lieu of an appointment (for example, the contact is in another location and you cannot visit them personally), you may want to use Appointment instead.


Any time you send an e-mail to a contact.

If you send an e-mail to thank a contact, use the Thank task type instead.


Any time you send a physical letter to a contact, except for when the letter is for the purpose of one of the next four task types. In those cases, use those task types instead.

If you log that you send a newsletter each month, you may want to record it as a To Do instead of a Letter so that the "Last Letter" record only shows personal letters.


Because newsletters can be sent by mail or by e-mail, but neither represents a very personal communication, using this task type allows you to separate your regular mass mailings from more personal communications. You can also change the view of your History to exclude these mass mailings by clicking the "Hide Mass Mailings" check box. This check box appears on both the History Tab (in the Contacts View) and on the History View.

You can use the Newsletter task type for either printed/mailed newsletters or e-mail newsletters.

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Carta previa a la llamada

Used to identify a letter you send to tell a contact that you will be calling. Typically this means you will be challenging the contact to give or make a decision of some kind, so this letter is designed to prepare the contact for your call.

Carta de oración

A Support Letter is typically sent to contacts who are already partners, but whom you are asking to give a special gift. Or, in other words, the primary purpose of the letter is to ask for funding.

Carta de recordatorio

You may find it helpful to send a letter to a semi-annual or annual partner in advance of their gift as a gentle reminder.


To thank the contact for a gift, for praying, or just for being a part of your ministry team.


This task type identifies that you completed some action, but it may not have been directly related to the contact. Some common To Do tasks include:

Updating an address, phone number, or e-mail

Sending a brochure or some other ministry materials

Recording a change in a partner's pledge amount and/or frequency

Recording a casual encounter with a contact. For example, if you see a contact while visiting your home church. This type of interaction is not typically regarded as an "Appointment".

Recording a change in a contact's personal information, such as a spouse death, marriage, employer, etc.

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