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Microsoft Streets & Trips



Microsoft Streets & Trips

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TntMPD offers an integration with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007+. The menu item will appear only if you have MS&T installed on your computer.

How to export contacts to Microsoft Streets & Trips

1.Use Lookups to create the Current Group you want to export.

2.Menu Path: Group Actions | Export to Microsoft Streets & Trips

3.Wait while TntMPD "calls" (that is, opens) Microsoft Streets & Trips and delivers your Current Group. MS&T attempts to match every address.

4.Resolve any export issues

Unknown Address

When TntMPD recognizes an address that MS&T will not be able to identify, TntMPD will offer to lookup that contact for you.

You will have to switch back to TntMPD to see this message; clicking <Yes> will replace the current group you just exported with the unmapped contact(s).

Address found with potential errors

Any address MS&T may be able to match but needs input from you will appear in an Unmapped address box. This will often occur when the contact's address, city, or postal code does not match the MS&T database exactly.

5.Return to Microsoft Streets & Trips to see the results of your export.

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