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  • TntMPD and Wine 1.4

    Hi Troy, Just now trying Tnt with Wine 1.4 and not looking good. This is what I did: - Install Wine 1.4 - Use winetricks to install jet 40, mdac 28 and msxml 6. - Execute SetupTntMPD 2.1.70, 2.1.71 and 2.1.81 All of it with same results: it throws a bunch (around 20) runtime errors, it also says "internal...
    by Nacho on 9 May 2012
  • Re: Tntmpd not showing the box for choosing user and entering password at start

    Hi there again, got some more info. I went back to 2.1r19 and it all worked again. I had to create a new bottle though. What I have noticed: - It doesn't matter what language you choose the installation to happen. - I have tried installling r19, r56, r77. r19 works perfectly. Only this version creates...
    by Nacho on 1 Mar 2012
  • Tntmpd not showing the box for choosing user and entering password at start

    Hi there, Been using Tntmpd on wine on an ubuntu box for quite a long time now. Suddenly today when I launched it it didn't show the box at the beginning where you have to choose user and enter password. I have reintalled tntmpd and the same kept happening. I then created a new wine bottle, and still...
    by Nacho on 29 Feb 2012
  • Re: How I installed TntMPD on Ubuntu

    I have been using this on Ubuntu and a few other Linux variants ever since we were testing it for OS X about a year and a half ago. It has been working heroically. I know when you got things working on...
    by StephenSteiner on 6 Sep 2011
  • Re: TntMPD on a mac using darwine guide

    Hi Ruben, I have been trying TntMPD in Wine and the best I could get was what you said in the wine appdatabase that the best option is wine 1.1.11 and tntmpd 2r56. It seems after wine 1.1.11 it all works worse. Is this also your experience? I get the wininet error also, and can't download the gift...
    by Nacho on 16 Oct 2009
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