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  • Go Contact Sync Mod - integration?

    So this is a fleeting thought but thought I'd mention it. My wife just switched from an Iphone to an Android. I wanted to use the steps to get the TnTMPD contacts to Outlook then to gmail contacts and kept running into issues. I don't know if it was something I was doing or not but I resorted...
    by Michael Drackley on 7 Jan 2015
  • Power View in Excel 2013

    Ok... so random thought. Has anyone seen what is coming in the Excel 2013? "Power View" It will have the ability to take data and help visualize on a map what the data means. If you search Youtube for "Power View in Excel 2013" you can see some very amazing ways to apply exports of...
    by Michael Drackley on 11 Sep 2012
  • Excel addin - MAPCITE

    Interesting Excel addin - Mapcite can plot and visualize where addresses are (also intensity maps). Some potential integration ideas. Some limitation of amount of address to plot in Free version. Uses Bing maps. Plots Lat and Lon. Wonder if it would have ability to export to GPS.
    by Michael Drackley on 27 Apr 2012
  • Choose Profile

    Every time I choose Microsoft Access from the Tools menu, I get the Choose Profile dialog box. When I choose the profile, nothing happens. Is this a bug or is there a way I should hold my mouth?
    by Joseph Thiessen on 30 Nov 2010
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