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  • Successfully Installed 3.1 r4 for Mac

    I successfully installed TntConnect 3.1 r4 for Mac on OS X 10.11.3. I was previously running TntMPD 3.0.39 El Capitan, so it converted the database. It seems to connect to my organization, but since I ran a Gift Input just before upgrading, I can't tell if it is successful at downloading gift data...
    by Peter Axup on 14 Apr 2016
  • Unrecognized database format Error Mac.

    Hello Troy, I work in the IT department at Cru I am trying to help a Cru staff friend open their database. She has a Mac, and when she upgraded to Connect she opened her database and she gets this error "Unrecognized database format "E:\SupportList2012.mpdbd" (See Screen Shot). I had her...
    by andrew.augenstein on 28 Mar 2016
  • Buttons in 3.0 r15 not working

    Just downloaded 3.0 r 15 Beta for Mac and unfortunately had a couple issues. For some reason the "Lookup all these contacts" and "Export all rows to Excel" buttons are greyed out in the header of the Tasks and History tabs. The right-click menu option for the lookup still works but...
    by reK1NDLE on 3 Sep 2013
  • Letter list in Tasks

    One the features I love about TNT is tasks. It is really helpful to keep me on track. Right now I am just starting the MPD process, and so pre-call letters are key for me. But the task is all the way at the bottom under "other". I think it would be helpful if all of the letter types (letter...
    by Kyle Fadeley on 14 Jun 2013
  • Error Message 254 when Syncing with MailChimp

    Recently installed 3.0 r6 on my Mac (OS X 10.8.3). Recieving the error: "Mail Chimp Error (254): "EMAIL" does not appear to be a valid merge field for this list." I've read through the different FAQ on this ( here and here ) and followed directions. One EMAIL merge field - no...
    by MW on 31 May 2013
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