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  • Conflict resolution and gocryptfs

    Thanks for implementing the detection of gocryptfs in version 3.5.10. However, it seems that there's another place that needs a similar piece of code: I have the "require this database to be on an encrypted drive" option set. When I now get a Dropbox conflict, TntConnect detects that there's...
    by Eberhard on 4 Jul 2018
  • Re: Tntmpd not showing the box for choosing user and entering password at start

    Hi there again, got some more info. I went back to 2.1r19 and it all worked again. I had to create a new bottle though. What I have noticed: - It doesn't matter what language you choose the installation to happen. - I have tried installling r19, r56, r77. r19 works perfectly. Only this version creates...
    by Nacho on 1 Mar 2012
  • Tntmpd not showing the box for choosing user and entering password at start

    Hi there, Been using Tntmpd on wine on an ubuntu box for quite a long time now. Suddenly today when I launched it it didn't show the box at the beginning where you have to choose user and enter password. I have reintalled tntmpd and the same kept happening. I then created a new wine bottle, and still...
    by Nacho on 29 Feb 2012
  • TntMPD on Linux

    Hi Troy, I'm using TntMPD on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 using Wine. It is working just fine. I know there are some articles on the same issue, but after reading them and seeing when they were posted I decided to start a new discussion. Feel free to move it if you think it should be somewhere else. So far...
    by Nacho on 15 Dec 2010
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