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  • Re: TntConnect 3.1.2 PC - Import Contacts from Text

    Hi Troy, Updated to 3.1.3 this morning and retried. It all looks good now (see screenshot below w/ highlight). Windows 10 PC, Surface tablet, TntConnect 3.1.3. Thanks, Eric [quote user="Troy Wolbrink"] Hi Eric, Could you test this out TntConnect 3.1.3, and send me a screenshot? Thanks, Troy...
    by EricRiedy on 23 Mar 2016
  • TntConnect 3.1.2 PC - Import Contacts from Text

    I've noticed recently (I'm pretty sure this happened prior to the upgrade to TntConnect), that the dialog window that shows up when using the "Import Contact fromText..." functionality doesn't fully display the 'From' and 'To' information. See the picture below with...
    by EricRiedy on 23 Mar 2016
  • MailChimp - history feature = "Opened" Newsletter

    Not sure if this is even an easy possibily but has anyone ever attempted to track their "Opened" histroy recoreded in MailChimp back in TnTMPD? I've been trying to see if there is a method via the csv export from MailChimp but my brain hasn't found a method to import an opened History...
    by Michael Drackley on 9 Dec 2013
  • Duplicates Report/Lookup

    I know this will be a question specific to my needs and not much for many others... thought I'd ask to see if anyone would have a solution(s). Certainly not asking for a build or any addition to the new 3.0. I'm using TntMPD at our camp for our summer staff support fundraising. Summer staff submit...
    by Michael Drackley on 20 May 2013
  • MIST: eMail Import System for TntMPD

    Hello fellow TntMPD users, Many of you, like me, deeply love TntMPD! It has made a huge world of difference in fundraising and is very easy to use. However, for those of us who formerly used products like Goldmine (and even some of us who hadn't), one feature we really miss was easily seeing the...
    by Tom Hallman on 24 Sep 2010
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