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  • Importing Flow Thru

    Currently we are creating separate batches for each foundation for all of our Flow Thru donations. About 75% of those donations are recurring. Is there a way to import a batch that will separate out the information to the appropriate foundations in Donorwise? Basically, in a csv file there is a "Foundations"...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by rdagijones on 27 Dec 2022
  • Responsibility Centers and Cash Accounts

    Before deciding how to use Responsibility Centers, I need a little more info. Let me give you an example of a sample donation. This donor is giving to four designations. Sage (accounting software) would receive the donation as follows: Donor ID Designation Designation Code Cash Account GL Income # of...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Bthigpen on 14 Oct 2019
  • DonorWise - Accounting Software integration of Donor Numbers

    Our Accounting Software (Sage50) has Donor codes and Designation codes that are non-numeric. I'm trying to determine if we can retain our original codes in Sage and just have them matched up with unique DonorWise codes during each batch. For Donor Contacts, can I use the Search Names that will be...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Bthigpen on 14 Oct 2019
  • Report by Batch and Designations

    Is there a way to modify a report so that I can get the current batch by designation? I don't always have a clean beginning and ending donation date (I enter the date on the check) to run a designation report.
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by cfranchino on 24 Mar 2017
  • Batch screen not visible

    I am a new user to DonorWise and have created a database and worked through the setup list completely (each item was crossed of and the list on the right of the screen is gone) and imported contacts. I am ready to add my first batch but every instruction says to click on the batch list to start the process...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Brookmaturo on 25 Feb 2017
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