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Tip: Google Maps &


It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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Tip: Google Maps &

Two bars in the button bar help connect you with your partners.

Show Google Maps

Maps the address of the selected contact, if possible.

Lookup on

Looks for information on this contact. This button is only displayed if the selected contact is in the United States.

Export to Microsoft Streets & Trips

(On the Group Actions menu)

If you have Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 or above, TntMPD will recognize that and provide a link to MS&T on the Group Actions menu.

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Comments on this Help Topic

AndrewdeJonge wrote re: Tip: Google Maps
on 15 Feb 2010 10:14 AM

Wow... I wonder how easy it would be to make a google map mashup overlaying all supporter information? That could be a nice tool to help plan support maintenance trips... I guess you'd want to be able to to a mashup for a given lookup group or filter.

Bob Mac Leod wrote re: Tip: Google Maps
on 29 Apr 2010 9:45 PM

That could be handy. I used Microsoft Streets and Trips for several years and exported my Current Group to that, which let me see a bird's eye view of all contacts in the city.

Sus Schmitt wrote re: Tip: Google Maps
on 27 Jul 2010 7:36 PM

I just created a donor map using My Map on Google.  See this post for what I did. (

I can't wait to use this for our next trip.

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