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Group Actions Menu items

All menu items perform these tasks simultaneously for all members of the Current Group.

Schedule Group Task

Schedule a task for all members of the current group. (In practice, this would happen very rarely.)

Read More > Tutorial: Schedule a Task

Log Group History

The same as Log History found in several other locations. This is commonly used, such as logging when you send a newsletter or a support letter.

Read More > Tutorial: Log Group History

Create Mail Merge

Opens Microsoft Word's Mail Merge Helper for a variety of merge options.

Read More > Mail Merge

Create E-mail Merge

Uses Microsoft Word's Mail Merge Helper to create a separate e-mail message for each contact in the Current Group. This allows you to merge individual greetings. This method cannot have attachments.

Read More > Tutorial: E-mail Merge

Create Mass E-mail

Goes directly to your e-mail program and sends one e-mail message to all recipients. You paste the recipients in your message's BC: (Blind Copy) field.

Read More > Create Mass E-mail

Send Group to (Default e-mail Program)

Sends the entire group to default contact manager.

Mass Change a Field

Mass Change a Field allows you to change any field for all members of the Current Group, all at one time.

Read More > Tutorial: Mass Change a Field

Delete all Contacts in the Current Group

Will delete all members of the Current Group from your database, including all of their gifts, tasks, and history. Requires confirmation.

Read More > Deleting Contacts

Export to Microsoft Streets & Trips

If you have Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 or above, TntMPD will automatically recognize that and add this mapping software tool to your menu. Otherwise this menu will not appear.


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