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Session 9: Appeal Tracking


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Appeal Tracking

The Appeal Tracking feature is a great bonus tool of TntMPD that helps you measure the response to special appeals that you send.

You can associate both tasks (such as letters and phone calls) and gifts with appeals.

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Appeal Purposes

Costs of a new baby or adoption

Unexpected medical costs

A mission project you will participate in

A new vehicle or some other household need.

Your organization’s periodic training conferences

Seminary classes

Once your appeal is set up, you can assign tasks to it. Typically appeals are sent to a group of contacts all at once. Once you have your group of contacts ready, log the history for the whole group at once.

Menu Path: Group Actions | Log Group History

When a gift is received in response to this gift, edit the gift in the Gift Details box. You can then assign all or part of the gift to the appeal. When entering a gift in the Gift Details box, "Auto-determine pledge fulfillment" is the default item in the "Pledge Fulfillment" box; TntMPD performs some calculations on gifts received, even if they are one-time or special gifts.

In the Appeal Tracking box, you will see the record of letters sent and gifts received. When you double-click on an appeal, all contacts who have history related to that appeal will appear in the History tab; the gifts, if any, will appear on the Gifts tab.

Appeal Tracking benefits

Provides a record of God’s provision for special asks.

Helps you determine who is most responsive to your fund appeals.

Helps you improve your effectiveness when you analyze how you write appeals.

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Read More > Tutorial: Creating Appeals

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Creating and using appeals is one of the more complex features of TntMPD. The easiest way to describe all of the appeals components and tasks is to walk you through a long example of creating and using an appeal, including receiving and recording gifts.

Tutorial: Create an Appeal

1.Open the appeal tracking feature.

Menu Path: Tools | Appeal Tracking

2.Press the <Setup> button.

This displays the list of appeals, if you have any.

3.Press the <Add> button.

4.Type the name of your appeal; for easier sorting later, you may want to put the year and month first, such as "2006-12 Year-end Ask".

Setting up appeals from other places

You can add appeals almost anywhere that you can also assign a task to an appeal when you see the correct button.

You can also add them on the "Edit Gift" box; in this case, the option appears at the bottom of the list of appeals.

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Read More > Tutorial: Log gifts from an Appeal

Tutorial: Log gifts from an Appeal

You can enter a gift into TntMPD even before it is downloaded from your organization. You would likely only do this if a donor gave you or sent you the gift which you then forwarded to your organization.

1.Go to the MPD tab for the contact who sent the gift. In the Gifts box, right click anywhere and select "Add new gift". If you have already downloaded the gift, select "Edit gift".

2.In the Gift Details box, type in the date and amount of the gift.

3.Select the appeal from the drop-down box. TntMPD will automatically put the same amount into the appeal amount box. If only a portion of the gift is for the appeal, put the correct amount in the appeal Amount box.

4.TntMPD will also offer a new drop-down about how to apply the appeal. For this example, select “Don’t apply appeal amount to pledge fulfillment.”

Auto-determine pledge fulfillment: Determines whether this gift should be included as a fulfillment of a donor's pledged giving, based on the frequency of their pledge.

Apply amount towards pledge fulfillment: Forces these amounts to be included in the pledge calculations for this donor and all partners.

Don’t apply appeal amount towards pledge fulfillment. Forces TntMPD to regard this entirely as a special gift.

5.If you can download your gifts from your organization, then check Available on Web; otherwise leave it blank.

6.Press the <OK> button.

Tip: Edit gifts during download

When downloading gifts via the Web, double-click on any gift in the list to edit the gift and appeal information, add a memo, etc. You can also edit gifts later on the MPD Tab for any contact.

Read More > Editing Gifts

When you see the Gift Input From Web box with the list of gifts, you can double-click on any gift to edit its information.


Exercises Session 9: Appeal Tracking

1.Create an Appeal for your year-end ask. Name it "Special Project Ask" (Note: We recommend prefacing any appeal with the date of the appeal. For example, 2009-06 Special Project Ask)

2.Send a support letter to all of your contacts. Select the appeal at the bottom of the Log History box.

Menu Path: Group Actions | Log Group History

3.Enter the following gifts you received in response to this appeal. After you enter each gift, check the Task tab for that contact and see if TntMPD created a thank you for that person.



Did TntMPD automatically create a thank you task for this gift?

Donald Duck



Annual Donor



George Jetson



Tweety Bird

$20 (includes his regular gift)


Peter Pan



Elmer Fudd



Note: TntMPD will automatically create a thank you task in response to any gift from someone whose pledge in not PARTNER-Financial. TntMPD will not automatically create a thank you task for Financial Partners unless the gift is above the amount of their normal pledge.

Read More > Automatic Actions for New Gifts

4.View the results of the Appeal. Does the total equal $285? Lookup the donors.

Menu Path: Tools | Appeal Tracking

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