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Session 2: Entering Contacts


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Six Ways to Add Contacts

Each of these methods has pros and cons. Method and best reason to use this method:

Menu Path: Contact | New Contact

Adding an individual contact.

Menu Path: Contact | Add Referrals

You have just received several new names from an existing contact, and have very limited information about these new contacts.

Menu Path: File | Import | Import Contacts from Text

To import an existing database you have saved as a text file. Best for first-time users who have been managing their contacts in another software.

Menu Path: File | Import | Import Contacts from Outlook

To import an existing contact list from Outlook. You may find it easier to export from Outlook to text first.

If you are manually entering a set of contacts from paper.

Automatic Download from your organization’s donor files.

Menu Path: File | Import | Address Input from Web

Menu Path: Tools | Address Input from Web

If your organization supports this method, this is a fast way to populate your database with those who have given financially. Note that the information your organization has on your ministry partners may not exactly match your list.

Adding/Editing a Contact

1.Press the desired button at the top of the screen.

Other ways to Add or Edit contacts

Adding contacts

1.Press the <New Contact> button.

2.Press the <New> button.

3.Select from the menu.

Menu Path: Contact | New Contact

4.Add referrals.

Menu Path: Contact | Add Referrals

Editing contacts

1.Click on the name in the Name & Address bar.

2.Double-click on the address in the Name & Address bar.

3.Press the <Edit Contact> button.

4.Double-click in the yellow box on the Address Tab.

5.Press the <Edit> button.

Any of these items will bring up the Contact box.

2.If the contact is an Organization, check the Organization box. When you do this, all of the personal name boxes will disappear, and only the Organization Name box will remain. When the contact is an organization, the default address and phone are Business instead of Home.

3.Enter the Name information.

If the contact is a single person (whether they are married or not), enter all of their information in the first column of boxes.

If they are married, put the husband's name in the first column and the wife's name in the second column. (Although the software will work either way, as a best practice it is better to be consistent with names in the database.)

If the wife has a different last name, uncheck the "Same Last Name" box and a last name box will appear for her.

Title can be a common title such as "Mr." "Mrs." (or one relevant to the language/culture) as well as honorary titles such as Pastor, Rev., Dr., or a military rank such as CAPT, GEN., etc.

Suffix can be a name or a title. For example, it could be Jr, Sr, II, III, , or it could be a title such as Ph.D., JD, or a military designation. etc.

4.Enter the address, phone, and e-mail

The default address and phone are for the Home, but you can also choose Business or Other. If the contact is an organization, the default address is Business.

Although the box says "Phone", it actually is a specific phone number, such as Home Phone, Business Phone, or Other Phone.

Read More > Phone Numbers

Enter an e-mail address, if known.

Read More > E-mail/Internet Addresses

5.Press the <OK> button.

Editing an individual entry in the address or phone

Double-click in any of the six boxes to edit just that item.

Other Name/Address Options

These two buttons allow for customization of individual names or addresses as they would appear on envelopes or in letters. In general you should not need to customize either greetings or mailing addresses.

Update the Greetings if you want to manually create a greeting for this contact.

Read More > Greetings

Update the Address Block if you need a unique address by pressing the button (this would be very rare). One example of when you may want to do this is if you want to include special information in the mailing address block.

Read More > Mailing Address Block

Tip: You can change the default entry order of either the name and/or the address on the options menu.

Read More > International Tab

Adding / Editing a contact

1.Press the <New Contact> button.

2.Enter the name, addresses (home, business, and/or other), and phone.

Menu Path: Tools | Options | International

3.Update the Greetings if you desire.

Read More > Greetings

4.Press the <OK> button.

If you have added a new contact who has the same last name as an existing contact, TntMPD will ask you if this new contact is the same as an existing contact. This is called Matching.

Read More > Matching Contacts

5.Double-click in any of the six boxes to edit them. Or click once inside the box then press the button at right.

6.Add/Edit Phone Numbers

You can have up to 19 different phone numbers for each contact. You can choose which one is the “preferred” phone number shown at the top in the main address window.

7.If the wife has a different last name than the husband, uncheck Same Last Name and enter the wife’s last name. The spouse’s last name will appear both on the address bar and in the contact list as shown below.

Tip: Name entry: Husband always goes first.

Although you may know the wife better than the husband (you may not know the husband at all), it is essential that with a married couple the husband's name always goes first. TntMPD automatically creates name and address mailing blocks, and if you use titles (Mr/Mrs), you will get unusual results if you put the wife first.

Read More > Tutorial: Adding/Editing a Contact

Five ways to edit information about your contacts

1.Double-click in the field you want to edit (e.g., Home (address), Telephone, Internet, etc.).

2.Put your cursor in any of the six yellow boxes and press the button that appears to the right of that box.

3.Press the <Edit Contact> button.

This will bring up the contact’s name and address box (the same one used when you added a new contact on the previous page). You can pick a specific address (home, business, or other) by clicking the address drop-down box.

4.Single-click on their name in the Address Window at top:

5.Double-click on their address in the Address Window.

Address Tips

Tip: Name & Address Bar hotspots

You can click (or double-click) on almost anything in the Name & Address bar and act on it

Picture [even if there is no picture]

Name & Address [to edit]

Phone number [to initiate a call task]

E-mail [to initiate an e-mail using your e-mail provider]

Summary Data: MPD Phase, Status Dot, or Monthly Average [opens the MPD Tab]

Summary Data: Organization Account Number [opens View Organization Info]

Read More > Managing Contacts

Tip: Using Titles or Not

TntMPD uses the Title (Mr/Mrs) to define the Full Name, which is used in the Mailing Address Block. When you do use titles, TntMPD will show only the husband's name in the Name & Address bar. However, the spouse's name will still be in the Current Group list.

Tip: Unknown spouse. Question: What if the contact is a couple but I do not know the husband's name?

Put the wife's name as the primary contact, and use "Mrs" in the title field to indicate she is married. In the Notes field, type something relevant that describes why his name is not in the name fields, such as "Husband unknown." or "Husband (Bill) does not know the Lord."

TntMPD is pretty flexible with names, but one thing it will not allow is a contact with a spouse (wife) name entered but not a primary name.

This is a more obvious issue when the husband is unknown because the guideline is that the husband's name always goes first. But when the husband is unknown, you have to choose how to resolve that. When the wife is unknown, you can treat the husband as if he is single, and TntMPD will not notice the difference.

Tip: Adjust Data Entry Order for names or addresses

The default data entry order is the U.S./Canada format. Many countries put the Postal Code before the City, and many countries do not use any state or province code. Similarly, some cultures always start with the last name. If this is true with your country, you can change the data entry order using the Options.

Menu Path: Tools | Options | International Tab

Read More > International Tab

Tip: Address / Phone numbers out of sync with your organization

Out of sync. When a contact’s address/phone in TntMPD has an unresolved discrepancy with your organization’s address/phone, their address/phone will be bold and red. There is a special Lookup just to find and resolve all these issues

Menu Path: Lookup | Address/Phone Sync

Click on the red address or phone to view your organization's information.

If you see the organization's address is one you know is an old address, contact the office so they can update their address.

Read More > Address / Phone Out of Sync

Note: TntMPD will only compare your organization's address with your database when you use Address Input from Web. It will not make this comparison on an ongoing basis as you download gifts. When you do an Address Input from Web, it will clear any choices you made previously about whether to accept TntMPD or accept your organization.

Menu Path: Tools | Address Input from Web

Tip: Mailing Address Block

Remember that for envelopes, TntMPD will ignore the recipient’s Country if it is the same as the country you are mailing from. This is defined in the Options. (More literally, this is pre-defined by TntMPD in a field called the "Mailing Address Block", which TntMPD creates by putting all the address fields together for the one address you have selected as the 'primary' address.)

You can manually modify the Mailing Address Block. You may want to do this when the block would have a unique wording. Press the <Addr Block> button on the address edit screen.

Example: You may want to address to "The Jetson Family" or "Uncle George & Aunt Jane".


Exercises Session 2: Entering Contacts

1.Add the following contacts using the Add Contacts screen:

Lucius & Leticia Frozone / 1401 18th St #1201 / City: Metropolis / Province: MC / Postal Code: M580

Buddy Pine / 73 Island Road / City: Metropolis / Province: MC / Postal Code: M501

Alicia Mirage / 1801 Pennsylvania Ave / City: Metropolis / Province: MC / Postal Code: M408

Fred Flintstone / 12 Granite Pl / City: Bedrock / Province: BK / Postal Code: A212

2.Select Fred Flinstone. Then add referrals from Fred using the Add Referrals box.

Menu Path: Contact | Add Referrals

Barney & Betty Rubble / 1234 That Street / City: Bedrock / Province: BK / Postal Code: A201

Cary Granite / 17 Azul Way / City: Bedrock / Province: BK / Postal Code: A201

Perry Masonite / 3 Jade Circle / City: Bedrock / Province: BK / Postal Code: A203

Sylvester Slate / 43 Quarry Way / City: Bedrock / Province: BK / Postal Code: A101

Press the <Finished> button.

Notice what happens to your list of contacts. To see all contacts:

Press the <Everyone> button.

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