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Session 10: Analysis & Tools


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Pledge Fulfillment Report

While TntMPD can create auto tasks for donors who DO give (either resuming their pledge or giving an amount different from their pledge), it will not flag you when a donor is behind on their pledge. You have to run the report yourself.

Menu Path: Tools | Pledge Fulfillment Report

When each Financial Partner gives a gift, TntMPD decides how that gift relates to their pledge, and updates their status to reflect that gift, and when their next gift is due. You can view this date on the View Details box.

Menu Path: Contact | View Details

In this example, this donor's status is good until December 25, 2006. Many donors do not give automatically via their bank account, so it is likely their gifts will fluctuate. TntMPD regards this donor as GOOD up until 30 days after their due date has passed.

No Gifts Recorded

Contacts who have a pledge recorded but have yet to give their first gift.

Not more than 30 days late

Any contact whose next gift date is within the past 30 days. Note that this date could be as far as two years in the future for bi-annual partners.

Between 30 and 60 days late

More than 60 days late

Alerts you to donors for whom you should take action. You can look them up as a group (that is, make them the Current Group), then schedule a task to call or write to them.

Tip: Calling Late Donors

Many missionaries are reluctant to contact a donor who is behind on their giving. They are afraid of appearing pushy or aggressive. Many just hope the donor will resume giving with no contact at all. The reality is that many donors who are behind on their giving may be unaware that they are behind, and a quick, friendly phone call can help them remember. And if there is a reason why they cannot give, your phone call can give them an opportunity to share that reason, rather than leaving you wondering.

When calling a donor who is behind on their pledge, make sure that your focus is on them. In the conversation, they may initiate with you regarding their giving, but if they do not, you should do so only after finding out how they are doing. Then mention how you were reviewing your giving reports and noticed that their normal gift had not arrived. Mention that perhaps there was an error recording the gift. Then let them respond. If they need assistance, for example, if they need an envelope or giving slip, then promise to get it to them right away.

Read More > Pledge Fulfillment Report

View > Video: Contribution Report

The "Contribution Report" is a table of your gifts and offers a number of different options for types of gifts shown and time period displayed.

The Contribution Report shows the total giving by donor, per month. It is possible for the total to include multiple donations.

The default display is 13 months, but you can change either the number of months or the time periods displayed (quarterly or annually). Note that you can only go back in time to the present; you cannot select a historical time range, such as 1998-2001.

You can choose which gifts to include in the report using the check boxes on the top left of the report:

Include gifts synced to Web

Gifts downloaded from your organization.

Include gifts not yet synced to Web (PENDING)

Gifts you received then forwarded to your organization. This can help you verify that gifts have been correctly recorded by your organization.

Include non-Web gifts

Gifts you recorded in TntMPD that will not be matched by TntMPD when you sync with your organization. (Generally only used by missionaries whose organizations cannot sync their donations with TntMPD.)

Include personal gifts

Can be helpful to ensure that you do not exceed your organization’s personal gift limit.

Sort by last gift date

If you check this box, the donors will be displayed in order of their last gift. This helps you see lapsed donors more quickly (donors who have not given a donation recently). If this box is not checked, the donors will be displayed alphabetically.

TntMPD Pro note: In TntMPD Pro, you can select one specific designation to view in the Contribution Report. When you select a specific designation, the donors will still be displayed in order of their most recent gift in your database, even if that gift was not given for the displayed designation.

Runs the report again to display the changes you requested.

Add other Contact fields to your report before exporting.

You can export this report to a file or to Excel.


Tip: Contribution Report

The Contribution Report is good for more than just seeing a chart of your gifts or exporting them to Excel for analysis.

Use the report to ensure that gifts you sent it in have been processed (uncheck gifts that are already synced to web). Or see personal gifts, to see how you are in relation to your organization's personal gift limit.

Read More > Contribution Report


Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds; for riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure to all generations. When the grass disappears, the new growth is seen, and the herbs of the mountains are gathered in, the lambs will be for your clothing, and the goats will bring the price of a field, and there will be goats’ milk enough for your food, for the food of your household, and sustenance for your maidens. Proverbs 27:23-27

Effective analysis helps ensure that your flocks, the sources of your financial support, are in good condition. There are two different ways to use TntMPD to analyze your financial support:

1.Use the charts that TntMPD offers to give you a snapshot of how certain areas of your support are at that moment. (These are found on the Analysis View.)

2.Ask yourself questions about your support, then use TntMPD tools to provide the answers. These tools include a variety of reports that you can run.

Read More > Pledge Fulfillment Report

Shows the status of each financial partner's giving related to their pledge. Particularly useful for following up on new partners and partners who are behind on their giving pledge.

Read More > Contribution Report

View > Video: Contribution Report

A report that shows, in table format, all giving by donors. You can choose any number of months in history, along with some other options.

Read More > Appeal Tracking

See how donors have responded to appeals you have sent.

Read More > Birthday & Anniversary Report

See a table of all recorded birthdays and anniversaries.

The Analysis View offers a wealth of fascinating information about your contacts and their giving. The more information you have about your contacts, both in quantity and quality, the better you will be served by the Analysis View.

There are two primary components of the Analysis View:

1.The upper section shows some analytical data about your pledges, overall support, outstanding contacts, and recent activities.

Press the <Send MPD Weekly Update to Excel> button.

This creates an Excel file summarizing your MPD activities for the week. In some ministries, a supervisor or MPD coach desires this report.

2.The lower section shows graphical summaries of your giving historically. You can choose from over 400 different combinations of charts.

Checkbox: Add "Misc" category when possible

Combine all other categories into one column. This can be helpful when the Misc column skews the results.

Read More

Support Progress Box

Contacts & Referral Pool

Weekly Activities


Exercises Session 10: TntMPD Tools & Analysis

1.Run the Pledge Fulfillment Report to see the status of each partner in relation to their pledge. Are there any late partners?

2.Lookup the late donors and call them. Log completed calls and write good descriptions.

3.From the Analysis View, identify the Average Monthly Gifts from each state:


Average monthly gift

Bedrock (BK)


Monaco (MN)


Monte Carlo (MC)


4.Identify the average monthly gifts by city:


Average monthly gift





Gotham City




Monte Carlo


5.How many of the following activities have you done this week?











Pre Call Letter


Reminder Letter


Support Letter




To Do


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