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Session 8: Saved Groups


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Saved Groups

Saved Groups are sets of contacts you have grouped together that you want to stay together. Members of these groups do not change except by you choosing to add or remove them. The value of a Saved Group is that it keeps a set of contacts together even if some of their attributes change.

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Features of saved groups

Individual contacts can be members of multiple groups or none at all.

You can compare a group to another group to see who is/is not a member of either one.

You can lookup all members of the group to assign tasks or history to all members.

Saved Groups can be categorized.

Groups can be more customized than a lookup. Since a Saved Group is just a list, contacts can be manually added or removed from it.

Makes this Saved Group into the Current Group, and shows you the Contact View.

Menu Path: Lookup | By Group

Saved Groups serving as User-defined Fields

Saved Groups serve much like User-defined fields, but they are more flexible because you can have an unlimited number of Saved Groups.

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Tutorial: Setting up a new Saved Group

In this example, we will set up a Saved Group called "Friends with Superpowers" that identifies all the members of our ToonTown database who have special superpowers.

1.Press the <Groups> button.


2.Since this is your first group, your entire Groups screen will be blank:

3.Press the <New Group> button.

4.Enter a name for your group. You can leave Category blank for now, and add a Category later.

Categories allow you to group related groups together. You can select an entire category when using Lookups to lookup all members of all Saved Groups in a category.

5.You will now see the full Groups View, which has three panels.

Panel 1

List of all Saved Groups

Panel 2

Members of the selected Saved Group

Panel 3

What to compare the selected Saved Group to

Panel 4

Contacts from the comparison list

6.Show or hide the group editing tools.

Turns off the editing tools.

7.Select all of your ministry partners one at a time on the list. You can use the buttons, or double-click on the names.

Moves the selected contacts into the Saved Group.

8.Notice that the contacts in the right are now grayed out and italicized. This indicates that these contacts are in the group.

9.Try this: Compare your group to another group. Press the <All contacts> radio button. You will notice that members of that group (all contacts) who are not in the Saved Group are normal text, while contacts who are already in the Saved Group are italicized.

10.Lookup this group.

Makes this Saved Group into the Current Group, and shows you the Contact View.

11.Finally, you can view which groups any contact is a member of by clicking on the Groups tab in the Contact View.


Exercises Session 8: Saved Groups

These exercises are designed to help you become familiar with the Groups View and how to manage Saved Groups. Your job,should you choose to accept it, is to make good use of them.

1.Create a new Saved Group for the new contacts you have entered today. Call it "Today's Contacts". (No Category). The list at the right should be the Current Group "Everyone". If it is not, then select the "All contacts" radio button (which is, by the way, "Everyone", since "All Contacts" is also "Everyone")

2.Add the contacts you entered today from the list of Everyone to the right:

Flintstone, Fred

Frozone, Lucius & Leticia

Granite, Cary

Masonite, Perry

Mirage, Alicia

Pine, Buddy

Rubble, Barney & Betty

Slate, Sylvester

3.Remove Perry Masonite, since he is deceased.

4.Create a second group called "Most Important Visits"

Using the first group as a source, add the Frozones, the Flintstones, the Rubbles, and Sylvester Slate to this group.

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