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Session 5: Gifts


It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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If your organization supports web downloads, you can download your gifts directly from your organization. Many missionaries will choose to do this at the same time as they download their addresses from the web.

TntMPD will connect with your organization’s donation system if your organization supports web-download of donation data. You can do this when you are setting up your database, or at any time after your database is set up.

Tutorial: Downloading Gifts from the Web

1.Press the <Gift Input> button.

Menu Path: Tools | Gift Input from Web

2.Select your organization from the drop-down list and enter your login and password you use to access your donor software. TntMPD will remember your login and password for future downloads.

Tip: Account Balance with your organization

You can see if you are correctly linking with your organization during the Gift Input process. When you walk through the Gift Input screens, your Account Balance should appear at the bottom. Sometimes your ministry systems are off-line, or maybe your internet connection is not working.

If your organization does not support this feature, the Account Balance will appear as "n/a".

3.Select the date range to synchronize. The first time you download, the displayed calendar will show the earliest date available for your organization. In future downloads, TntMPD will go back about 3 weeks.

Check "Try to match existing contacts" if you want TntMPD to match downloaded contacts with existing contacts already in your database.

4.Press the <Download> button.

5.Downloading addresses and gifts from your ministry’s donation system can be a time-consuming process, especially the first time. You can download addresses separate from the gifts, or you can download address changes at a later date.

Read More > Address Input from Web

6.You have to wait while TntMPD downloads the contacts from your ministry’s donation system. TntMPD will download all active donors in your file, not just the ones who have given in the time frame you selected.

7.If you have already loaded your contacts into your database, TntMPD will ask you to match each downloaded contact with an existing contact. This could be time consuming, but is one of the few time-consuming tasks you will encounter when setting up TntMPD.

8.Press the <Next> button.

TntMPD will add the contacts to your database.

9.Once TntMPD has added all of your contacts, you will also see a list of all gifts to be downloaded.

10.Press the <Next> button.

Tip: Edit gifts during download

When downloading gifts via the Web, double-click on any gift in the list to edit the gift and appeal information, add a memo, etc. You can also edit gifts later on the MPD Tab for any contact.

Read More > Editing Gifts

11.Finish the synchronization.

Finish and add all gifts to your database.

If you do not want to add the gifts to your database.

Note: Sometimes TntMPD cannot synchronize and you will have to perform the download and synchronization again. Doing so will not affect those gifts already downloaded.

Note: You do not need to worry about downloading the same gifts twice. Every gift has a unique ID number. When a gift is downloaded multiple times, TntMPD will recognize any gift ID that has already been downloaded and ignore it.

Tip: Gift Adjustments

By default, TntMPD goes back three weeks from your last download of gifts. So if you downloaded two weeks ago, TntMPD will go back five weeks to check for gift adjustments. Sometimes, however, your organization may adjust a gift from many weeks, or even months, in the past.

To check for these adjustments, periodically set your Start Date for gift download back one whole year. Then TntMPD will download all gifts from the past year and check your TntMPD database for matches. By doing this, you can see any gifts that are added and/or deleted.

Read More > Tutorial: Downloading Gifts from the Web

Tip: Staff Portal / Ministry Web Site

1.Click on the top banner to go to your ministry's web site or your ministry's "Staff Portal"

2.Click on the middle banner to go to the advertised event or item

Tutorial: Adding New Gifts

If you cannot link TntMPD with your organization’s donation system, all of your gifts would be added manually. If you do this from a paper printout each month, the simplest method is to use the Gift Input Form. If you can input gifts via the web, there are several reasons why you might want to occasionally add gifts manually:

Read More > Gift Input Form (manual input)

1.A contact gives you a personal gift that is not processed through your organization’s contribution system. (See below for more information on personal gifts.)

2.A contact gives you a non-monetary gift that you record as a $0 gift with a memo.

3.You receive a gift from another member of your organization via an internal transfer that does not appear in your organization’s donation system.

Tip: Recurring Tasks

Although recurring tasks would probably be rare, there are times when they could be useful. Use recurring tasks to remind you to do functions you do regularly.

Example: Manually adding a gift each month that is given by account transfer (from within your organization).

Example: Phone calls or letters you write regularly.

Example: Start working on your regular newsletter.

Example: Writing a personal letter to someone. If you regularly send a personal letter to one or many of your contacts. If you do this, you can select the task to recur X days after you complete the previous task. (The Regenerate new task option will not appear on all task types.)

Example: Recurring prayer request.

To use Recurrence, press the <Edit> button in the Schedule Task box.

Read More > Tutorial: Schedule a Task

4.You receive checks written to your organization that you will later submit, but want to enter them in advance for thank you task and analysis purposes. TntMPD allows you to enter a gift that you then mail to your organization for processing. If that gift does not download within 30 days, TntMPD will attempt to delete it so that your gift record on TntMPD is in sync with your organization.

Tutorial: Manually adding a gift

1.On the MPD tab, in the gift section, right click and select "Add new gift".

2.Enter the date and amount of the gift.

3.Assign the gift to an appeal, if applicable.

Read More > Appeal Tracking

4.Identify whether the gift is a personal (non-receiptable) gift; if so, you may want to add a memo describing the gift or purpose of the gift.

If the gift is personal, the letter “P” will show up next to the gift. Personal gifts will not affect the "average monthly giving" for the contact.

5.If the gift is one you are forwarding to your organization and you will download it later, check the "Available on Web" checkbox. Note that the gift information will say "Pending" until it is received from your organization.

Suggestions for dealing with different types of gifts (financial and non-financial).

Gift Type


Ideas on recording them in TntMPD

Gifts from pledged donors (PARTNER-Financial)

Regular Gift

In fulfillment of a pledge

Do nothing! TntMPD handles this one perfectly.

Extra Gift

Less than the partner's normal pledge amount

TntMPD will not recognize this as an EXTRA gift

Manually create the Thank You task (Tip: Word it just like the normal, automatically generated task)

If the donor sent you the check directly, record it in TntMPD using Add Gifts before forwarding it to your organization.

Extra Gift

MORE than the partner's normal pledge amount

If donor is current on their pledge, TntMPD will recognize this as an EXTRA gift and automatically create a Thank You task.

If donor is behind on their pledge, TntMPD will assume the donor is making up for missed gifts.

If the donor sent you the check directly, record it in TntMPD using Add Gifts before forwarding it to your organization.

Recontinuing Gift

Regular partner gives again after missing 2 months or more since their last gift was due

TntMPD will typically recognize this as a recontinuing gift and automatically generate a Thank You task.

You can change the length of time for the automatic action in Tools | Options

Sporadic Gifts

Pledged donor who frequently misses their frequency. For example, they are a monthly partner but only give seven times per year.

This is a difficult situation. You have three options, but none work perfectly:

1.Keep them as a PARTNER-Financial and accept that their average monthly gift will be below what their pledge monthly should be; also, you may get a RECONTINUING thank often.

2.Mark them as a PARTNER-Special since they are not consistent enough to be counted as a Pledged giver. Then you will receive a SPECIAL thank every time they give.

3.Mark them as a PARTNER-Financial, but make their monthly pledge equal to their approximate average monthly gift rather than their stated pledge amount.

Split Gifts

Gift is part pledge, part special.

You can only split a gift IF the gift was given in response to an Appeal.

Split the gift on the Edit Gift screen, telling TntMPD which portion is pledge and which is special, as well as which appeal it is associated with.

Gifts from anyone who is not a PARTNER-Financial

Special Gift

Of any amount

Do nothing! TntMPD handles this one perfectly.

Other gifts (Could be from any contact, including pledged partners)

Personal Gift

Typically cash or check made out to missionary.

If your ministry has limits on personal gifts, make sure this gift falls within those guidelines.

You can add the gift using Add Gift (in the Gifts list on the MPD tab). Be sure to check the "Personal Gift" box.

Non-Web Gift


Internal Gift from another missionary

A gift that is part of your support, but for some reason is not processed by the donation system that TntMPD connects to.

Some gifts may be processed by your organization but not appear in their gift download (for example, non-cash gifts that are receipted but not processed in their donation system).

Account transfers from other missionaries within your organization may be processed in your ministry's accounting system, not its donation system. Therefore, they will not download like other gifts.

In both cases, manually enter the gift using Add Gift. Uncheck the "Available on Web" box.

If the account transfer is a recurring gift, you may want to set up a recurring task to remind you to enter it.

Tangible Gift


Such as a birthday or wedding present, a vehicle, or anything else that is not money.

You could enter this using Add Gift, and keep the amount as $0. Then write a description of the Gift on the Memo line.

You could also (or only) log History for this. Use the "Letter" and "Received" codes, and then in the description write "GIFT: " with a description of the gift.

If the gift is significant (for example, a vehicle), then you may want to add a line in the top of your Notes tab indicating this, so you will remember it when you select this contact.

Gifts given FROM you to a ministry partner

Any gift


Any time you send a gift to a ministry partner, whether it is a token gift related to a recent ministry project, a baby or wedding gift, etc., you should record it as a Thank You in your History tab.

You record it this way because anytime you send a gift to a ministry partner, it is a form of a thank you for their partnership in your ministry.

Other Gift Issues

Deleted Gift (deleted by TntMPD)

During the Gift Input process, TntMPD alerts you it is going to delete a gift already in your database.

This could be caused by several different things. You will have to figure out which one at that moment:

You manually entered a gift that was not available on the Web, but forgot to uncheck "Available on Web". TntMPD automatically deletes any "Available on Web" gift that does not post within 45 days.

You manually entered a gift and forwarded it to your organization, but it was never processed and/or credited to your account. OR, you entered it for the wrong amount and TntMPD did not recognize the web gift as the same one. Follow up with your organization.

Your organization adjusted/corrected/deleted a gift you already downloaded. TntMPD is simply synchronizing your database to make sure it matches.

Deleted Gift (deleted by you)

You deleted a gift, but it keeps reappearing when you do a Gift Input.

You cannot delete a gift that appears in your organization's donation system. Only your organization can modify gifts in their system.

Sometimes this occurs when you have a donor who gives via a church or foundation, and then manually delete the gift. Again, this means TntMPD's gift record will not sync correctly with your organization. A better way to resolve this is to enter a negative gift for the church/foundation (not Available on Web), then manually enter the gifts for the actual donor (not Available on Web).

Gift Maintenance

Annual Sync adjustment


Because TntMPD by default only goes back about 3 weeks from your last Gift Input, this means that TntMPD will not catch adjustments your organization makes to gifts older than that time frame.

Once a year or so, it may be helpful to make your start date a year back and re-sync all the gifts you received in the last year. You might be surprised at the adjustments you see!

Read More > Gifts & Appeals



Exercises Session 5: Gifts

We are now going to connect our database to our organization, ToonTown Ministries (TTM). This will allow us to download gifts and addresses for our donors.

Connect to the Web and download gifts

1.Press the <Gift Input> button.

2.Connect your database to ToonTown Ministries. If it is not on the list, scroll to the bottom and select Custom. Enter the web address for TTM:

3.Enter Login name:

Enter Password: Password1

Select Profile: Staff Account (should be selected by default)

Press the <Next> button.

4.Review the date range. (It is already selected for you. Notice the start date is the oldest available donation date. In the future, the start date will be three weeks before you last downloaded.)

5.Check "Try to match existing contacts" to avoid downloading a duplicate contact.

6.Press the <Download> button.

7.Because you have been with your ministry for a while and are only just starting with TntMPD, your organization will be sending you many names not currently in your list. TntMPD will begin downloading names and attempt to avoid any duplicates by asking you to match each downloaded contact with an existing contact. When finished, the download will show you all of the contacts it wants to import into your database.

This contact does not match an existing contact. TntMPD will add this contact to your database.

This contact matches an existing contact. TntMPD will match the donor information to the existing contact.

8.Press the <Next> button.

Then TntMPD will download the contributions.

9.Press the <Next> button.

This will accept the contacts into your database.

10.Press the <Sync> button.

This will synchronize your database with your organization's data.

Other Gift Exercises

1.Add a gift of $100 from Barney Rubble (use today's date). This is not a personal gift, and will be available on the Web. Change his MPD Phase to PARTNER-Special.

2.Add a $15 personal gift from Elmer Fudd. (That is, check the Personal Gift box.)

3.Add a gift from Sylvester Slate for $25.

4.Update the following partners to the correct MPD Phase, Pledge Amount, and Frequency. (Tip: For the Financial partners, you do not need to change the MPD Phase; TntMPD will do that automatically when you set a pledge.) Also, check Send Newsletter for each.

Be sure to check the Pledge Received check-box for each person as well.


MPD Phase



Beast, Beast and Belle




Bird, Tweety and Tweetilee




Dalmation, Pongo and Perdita




Deer, Bambi and Feline




Donor EN, Annual




Duck, Daffy and Daphney




Duck, Donald and Daisy




First Pedestrian Church




Flintstone, Fred




Fudd, Elmer




Jetson, George and Jane




Lightyear, Buzz




Lion, Simba and Nala




Martian, Marvin




Mouse, Mickey and Minnie




Pan, Peter and Wendy




Pooh, Winnie




Radcliff, Roger and Anita




Tigger, T





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