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Menu Path: Lookup | By Field

General lookup to search on any field in the Contact table.

Menu Path: Lookup | By List

Displays your Current Group of contacts. You can also switch to show all contacts. You can then manually check or uncheck contacts to make a new group.

Menu Path: Lookup | Call for Appts

Lookup contacts based on their MPD phase and other key criteria. Primarily returns those contacts whose MPD Phase is n/a, Never Contacted, Ask in Future, or Call for Appt. (Also compares "Never Ask" and "Next Ask" fields.)

Menu Path: Lookup | Pledge Fulfillment

Lookup PARTNER-Financial contacts based on their current status in fulfilling their pledge.

Read More > Pledge Fulfillment Report

Menu Path: Lookup | Address/Phone Sync

Lookup contacts whose addresses or phone numbers are out of sync with your organization’s records (if your organization supports this).

Menu Path: Lookup | By Group

Lookup contacts who are in a Saved Group.


Menu Path: Lookup | By Giving

Lookup contacts who gave either during a certain time in the past (you choose start and end date) and/or a certain amount on a single gift. If you select both a time and amount, the lookup will return all contacts who gave any gift in that amount range during that time period.

Menu Path: Lookup | Custom

You can use the Custom box to write your own custom lookups. These can be very complex, however. Here, for example, is the criteria for the By Giving lookup above (all individual gifts of $50-$100 between 12/15/2000 and 12/15/2006):

Menu Path: Lookup | Me

Makes a Current Group with one contact: You. Handy if you want to add a task or history on your own name, to print an envelope from a template, or whatever you choose.

Menu Path: Lookup | This Contact

Makes a Current Group with one contact: The one you currently have selected from the existing group.

Menu Path: Lookup | Everyone

Lookup all contacts in your database. This is the default lookup when you open TntMPD. There is also a button on the button bar for this.

Menu Path: Lookup | File As

Menu Path: Lookup | Last Name

Menu Path: Lookup | First Name

Menu Path: Lookup | City

Menu Path: Lookup | State

By Field lookup with that field already selected. Note that the City and State lookups actually check the fields "Mailing City" and "Mailing State". The address that appears in the "Mailing Address" are from the address you selected as Preferred. The lookups will not check all cities for all contacts (that is, Home, Business or Other).

The Lookup dialog:

How the preferred address is displayed. You select the Preferred mailing address on address entry box. When you select a preferred address, that address will have a small black dot on the Address Tab to indicate which one is selected as preferred.

Menu Path: Lookup | Newsletter Recipients

Three options:


Returns all contacts for whom Send Newsletter = TRUE.

2.With Deliverable Mailing Addresses

Returns all newsletter recipients with a deliverable mailing address.

3.With Valid Preferred E-mail

Returns all newsletter recipients who also have a preferred e-mail address.

Menu Path: Lookup | MPD Phase

Menu Path: Lookup | User Status

Menu Path: Lookup |  Church

By Field lookup with the desired field already selected.

Menu Path: Lookup | Referrer

By Field lookup with Referred By already selected. This lookup will only look at the primary referrer for each contact. To find contacts from a referrer who is not a primary referrer (or is both a primary and secondary referrer), choose the field “Referred By List” instead; then you will have to switch the criteria to “contains” and type the referrer’s name.

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