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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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Managing gifts is a major component of TntMPD, and a key reason why missionaries use it. Read more about the various ways TntMPD handles gifts.

Adding Gifts

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Editing or Deleting Gifts

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Managing Gifts

There are many types of gifts that you can track in TntMPD.

Regular gifts (given in fulfillment of a pledge). For most missionaries, these are the most common.

Special gifts (a one-time gift)

Appeal gifts (a Special gift given in response to a specific fund appeal)

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Personal gifts (financial gift; no receipt from organization)

Tangible, non-financial gift

Account transfer (from another missionary in your organization)

TntMPD Principle: TntMPD cannot discern why a person is giving a gift. You have to help TntMPD interpret it.

There is a topic devoted entirely to helping you understand how to record gifts you receive or give, both donations as well as tangible gifts.

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TntMPD can create Thank You tasks based on certain types of gifts.

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The Gifts Screen

Gifts from a contact are displayed on the Contact's MPD Tab.

Edit a gift (e.g., to assign a portion of the gift to an appeal) You can also double-click on a gift to edit.

Add a new gift. You might do this if you received the check and are forwarding it to your organization.

Delete a non-web gift for whatever reason. Web gifts need to be corrected by your organization.

You can expand columns by moving your cursor over the lines in the column header. This will only be temporarily beneficial, because TntMPD will not remember this setting when you close.

Gift Details box. When you select “Edit Gift” or “Add New Gift”, you will be taken to the Gift Details box, where you can:

Designate some or all of a gift to an appeal. In the example above, this partner has given a $200 gift, $100 of which was in response to an appeal.

Input a personal gift not receipted by your organization (such as a cash gift or an internal transfer from another missionary in your organization).

Add a gift you are sending in to your organization to ensure it is credited to you, and is helpful for getting that thank-you on your task list. In the example above, you received this gift and checked “Available on Web” before sending it to your organization for processing.

View organization donation data for downloaded gifts.

(very rare) Create a negative donation to split all or part of a church’s gift and re-assign manually to actual givers.

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Appeal Tracking

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