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Exercises Session 9: Appeal Tracking


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Exercises Session 9: Appeal Tracking

1.Create an Appeal for your year-end ask. Name it "Special Project Ask" (Note: We recommend prefacing any appeal with the date of the appeal. For example, 2009-06 Special Project Ask)
2.Send a support letter to all of your contacts. Select the appeal at the bottom of the Log History box.

Menu Path: Group Actions | Log Group History

3.Enter the following gifts you received in response to this appeal. After you enter each gift, check the Task tab for that contact and see if TntMPD created a thank you for that person.



Did TntMPD automatically create a thank you task for this gift?

Donald Duck



Annual Donor



George Jetson



Tweety Bird

$20 (includes his regular gift)


Peter Pan



Elmer Fudd



Note: TntMPD will automatically create a thank you task in response to any gift from someone whose pledge in not PARTNER-Financial. TntMPD will not automatically create a thank you task for Financial Partners unless the gift is above the amount of their normal pledge.

Read More > Automatic Actions for New Gifts

4.View the results of the Appeal. Does the total equal $285? Lookup the donors.

Menu Path: Tools | Appeal Tracking

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