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Exercises Session 8: Saved Groups


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Exercises Session 8: Saved Groups

These exercises are designed to help you become familiar with the Groups View and how to manage Saved Groups. Your job,should you choose to accept it, is to make good use of them.

1.Create a new Saved Group for the new contacts you have entered today. Call it "Today's Contacts". (No Category). The list at the right should be the Current Group "Everyone". If it is not, then select the "All contacts" radio button (which is, by the way, "Everyone", since "All Contacts" is also "Everyone")

2.Add the contacts you entered today from the list of Everyone to the right:

Flintstone, Fred

Frozone, Lucius & Leticia

Granite, Cary

Masonite, Perry

Mirage, Alicia

Pine, Buddy

Rubble, Barney & Betty

Slate, Sylvester

3.Remove Perry Masonite, since he is deceased.
4.Create a second group called "Most Important Visits"
Using the first group as a source, add the Frozones, the Flintstones, the Rubbles, and Sylvester Slate to this group.

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