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Exercises Session 3: Contact Information


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Exercises Session 3: Contact Information

1.Add Notes to the following contacts:

Fred Flintstone: "Never call after 8pm because Fred hates having his TV shows interrupted! Wednesday night is bowling night."
Cary Granite: "Turn left at the Quarry, then turn right after the Dino station. Fourth house on the right."
2.On the Personal Tab, add the following birthdays and anniversaries. (International note: TntMPD requires MM/DD/YYYY format):

Lucius Frozone: 7/13/1967; Leticia Frozone: 11/20/1968; Anniversary: 4/18/92
Fred Flintstone: 8/14; Wilma Flintstone: 12/31
3.On the Personal Tab, change information on the contacts you entered above:
Assign your first three contacts from Exercise 2 (Frozone, Mirage, Pine) to the First Pedestrian Church
Assign Fred and his referrals (Rubble, Granite, Masonite, Slate) to the Church of the Rock
4.On the Personal Tab, add the following children (enter the information entirely in the Children field). The birthdates are just for your reference.
Frozone: Jack “Frost” (12/31/1999); Lucy (12/21/2001)

Flintstone: Pebbles (7/4/2006)
Rubble: Bam Bam (7/3/2006)
5.On the Personal Tab, add the following employers in the Company field
Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble both work for Slate Gravel
Lucius Frozone works for Ice Capades
6.On the Pictures Tab, add a picture (any picture) from your computer to Alicia Mirage

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