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Address / Phone Out of Sync


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Address / Phone Out of Sync

"Why is a donor's address or phone bold and red?"

When a donor's address and/or phone information is not in sync with your organization's information for this contact, and you have not told TntMPD which one to use, you will see the donor's address/phone in bold and red.

Often this difference may be due simply to differences in the ways the donor's address information is entered. This discrepancy resolved in the Organization Info box.

Menu Path: Contact | View Org Info

You have the option to keep the one you entered, or keep your organization's version. In general, if there is only a slight difference, it is probably better to keep the organization's, since they would have entered it directly either from the postal service version, or from the donor's information they entered themselves (when they gave the gift).

Reasons why a contact's donor information may vary in your TntMPD database vs. your organization's database

(Most likely) Your donor's address information for your organization is slightly different from the way you entered it. Often this can be as simple as the difference between a street name and an official abbreviation.

Your donor has recently moved and has informed you, but not your organization.

Your donor has recently moved and has informed your organization, but not you.

You contact this donor at their home, but they give through their business.

Tip: Address / Phone numbers out of sync with your organization

Out of sync. When a contact’s address/phone in TntMPD has an unresolved discrepancy with your organization’s address/phone, their address/phone will be bold and red. There is a special Lookup just to find and resolve all these issues

Menu Path: Lookup | Address/Phone Sync

Click on the red address or phone to view your organization's information.

If you see the organization's address is one you know is an old address, contact the office so they can update their address.

Read More > Address / Phone Out of Sync

Note: TntMPD will only compare your organization's address with your database when you use Address Input from Web. It will not make this comparison on an ongoing basis as you download gifts. When you do an Address Input from Web, it will clear any choices you made previously about whether to accept TntMPD or accept your organization.

Menu Path: Tools | Address Input from Web

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Comments on this Help Topic

spywaxu wrote re: Address / Phone Out of Sync
on 16 May 2019 4:09 PM

I can't seem to find the special look up to find and resolve when the Address/phone numbers are out of sync.  I simply don't see it in the look up menu.

Is it possible the update removed this?

I tried to do a screen shot of my look  up menu but couldn't add it here.

Any help is appreciated.


Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Address / Phone Out of Sync
on 18 May 2019 5:26 PM

Under the "Lookup" menu, click on "Unreviewed Account Info..."

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