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The Address Input from Web tool is found on the Tools menu. It operates just like the Gift Input from Web feature, except that instead of downloading gifts, it only downloads addresses and phone numbers.

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The Address Input follows these steps:

1.Step 1: Confirms your username and password to your ministry's Web system

2.Step 2: Offers options for downloading addresses and phone numbers

Download all addresses. Checked: This downloads all addresses associated with your account, from the earliest available dates in your Ministry's system. Unchecked: Downloads only addresses updated since the date you select on the calendar.

Try to match existing contacts. TntMPD tries to match contacts from the download with the existing contacts in your list.

3.Step 3: Downloads addresses and asks you to match any contacts it cannot identify. (If you have been downloading gifts, you probably will not have any to match.)

4.Step 4: Offers to lookup all contacts whose addresses or phone numbers are out-of-sync with your organization. This does not indicate that these out-of-sync items are from this download; they may have been out-of-sync before.

Menu Path: Lookup | Address/Phone Sync

Note: Although TntMPD will download addresses and highlight discrepancies between your TntMPD database and your organization, it will not highlight name discrepancies. For example, if a donor's name changed and was changed in your organization's database, there will be no visible evidence in your TntMPD database. However, you can see the donor name as it appears in your organization by looking at the View Org Info screen.

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