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This check box helps you define which contacts get your newsletter. This check box works in conjunction with the Newsletter Recipients lookup.

When this box is checked, a Send Newsletter icon will appear both in the Summary Data area and in the contact list.

If the contact has Send Newsletter checked but the address is marked as undeliverable, the Send Newsletter icon will have a red X through it.

Dealing with multiple newsletters

As a general MPD principle, if you live in a country with a good mail system, the best newsletter is a paper one. Why? It is most likely to be read. It is most likely to be given to a spouse or family. It is most likely to be posted on a church's mission board. You should strive to make the printed newsletter your primary newsletter.

Having said that, there may be circumstances when you want to use other newsletters. Because these options are many (see list below), TntMPD does not offer multiple options for newsletter fields. If you have one or more specific newsletters you want to send, your best option is to use Saved Groups.

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Common types of alternative newsletters:

E-mail newsletter to partners who insist on it, to co-laborers, international recipients, etc.

E-mail newsletters is your preferred choice due to inadequate mail system in your country.

Other language newsletters for those who have a multi-lingual partnership team.

Periodic-newsletter-recipients such as those who only receive a Christmas letter.

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