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The Contact view is the place where you will spend most of your time. Even though you may access your tasks and schedule from their respective views, you still apply tasks and scheduled activities to individual contacts in the Contact View.

Attributes of the Contact View

1.Shortcut Bar

Tip: Toggle View

In the Contact View, use F2 & F3 to toggle buttons or contact list on/off. This is not as big an issue with today's high resolution monitors, but several years ago this was a particularly helpful feature.

2.Current Group of contacts (at the top of the column is the lookup value, in this case, Everyone).

Tip: Sort the Current Group

You can sort the Current Group by right-clicking in the list of contacts and selecting the sort order.

Tip: Everyone toggle button

You can view all of the contacts in your database by pressing the “Everyone” toggle button on the button bar. It’s the button that looks like a funnel. Pressing the button again returns it to the previous lookup.

Everyone is the default lookup upon opening TntMPD, but you can change that to one of three other options. (See Options for this.)

Menu Path: Tools | Options | User Interface tab

3.Selected contact (when you open TntMPD, that is you).

The "Name & Address Bar" is the area at the top where the selected contact's address, phone, and email are shown. The amount of information shown is limited, so a longer address will push phone and email down, possibly below where you can see.

Notes about the Name & Address bar:

The address will be bold and red if it there is an unresolved discrepancy for this contact's address or phone, or crossed out if it is "marked as undeliverable" (either manually marked or automatic if it is incomplete). Click on the name to edit the name & address. Deceased contacts will also appear, with an undeliverable address.

Tip: Enlarge Name & Address bar with F12

Tip: Name & Address Bar hotspots

You can click (or double-click) on almost anything in the Name & Address bar and act on it

Picture [even if there is no picture]
Name & Address [to edit]
Phone number [to initiate a call task]
Email [to initiate an email using your email provider]
Summary Data: MPD Phase, Status Dot, or Monthly Average [opens the MPD Tab]
Summary Data: Organization Account Number [opens View Organization Info]

Tip: Quick task for phone call

Click on a contact's phone number in the Name & Address bar and TntMPD will automatically pop up a Call Log History. This only works if your TntMPD is set to NOT use the Auto-Dialer. The first time you click a phone number, TntMPD will ask you if you want to enable/disable the Windows Auto-Dialer.

Read More > Unresolved Discrepancy (View Organization Info)

Read More > Deceased

4.Summary data on a contact, including current giving status

Read More > Summary data

5.Notes you have written about this contact (on the Notes tab).

Read More > Notes

6.The personal information tabs:

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