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Tutorial: Log gifts from an Appeal


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Tutorial: Log gifts from an Appeal

You can enter a gift into TntMPD even before it is downloaded from your organization. You would likely only do this if a donor gave you or sent you the gift which you then forwarded to your organization.

1.Go to the MPD tab for the contact who sent the gift. In the Gifts box, right click anywhere and select "Add new gift". If you have already downloaded the gift, select "Edit gift".

2.In the Gift Details box, type in the date and amount of the gift.

3.Select the appeal from the drop-down box. TntMPD will automatically put the same amount into the appeal amount box. If only a portion of the gift is for the appeal, put the correct amount in the appeal Amount box.

4.TntMPD will also offer a new drop-down about how to apply the appeal. For this example, select “Don’t apply appeal amount to pledge fulfillment.”

Auto-determine pledge fulfillment: Determines whether this gift should be included as a fulfillment of a donor's pledged giving, based on the frequency of their pledge.

Apply amount towards pledge fulfillment: Forces these amounts to be included in the pledge calculations for this donor and all partners.

Don’t apply appeal amount towards pledge fulfillment. Forces TntMPD to regard this entirely as a special gift.

5.If you can download your gifts from your organization, then check Available on Web; otherwise leave it blank.

6.Press the <OK> button.

Tip: Edit gifts during download

When downloading gifts via the Web, double-click on any gift in the list to edit the gift and appeal information, add a memo, etc. You can also edit gifts later on the MPD Tab for any contact.

Read More > Editing Gifts

When you see the Gift Input From Web box with the list of gifts, you can double-click on any gift to edit its information.

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