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Appeal Tracking


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Appeal Tracking

The Appeal Tracking feature is a great bonus tool of TntMPD that helps you measure the response to special appeals that you send.

You can associate both tasks (such as letters and phone calls) and gifts with appeals.

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Appeal Purposes

Costs of a new baby or adoption

Unexpected medical costs

A mission project you will participate in

A new vehicle or some other household need.

Your organization’s periodic training conferences

Seminary classes

Once your appeal is set up, you can assign tasks to it. Typically appeals are sent to a group of contacts all at once. Once you have your group of contacts ready, log the history for the whole group at once.

Menu Path: Group Actions | Log Group History

When a gift is received in response to this gift, edit the gift in the Gift Details box. You can then assign all or part of the gift to the appeal. When entering a gift in the Gift Details box, "Auto-determine pledge fulfillment" is the default item in the "Pledge Fulfillment" box; TntMPD performs some calculations on gifts received, even if they are one-time or special gifts.

In the Appeal Tracking box, you will see the record of letters sent and gifts received. When you double-click on an appeal, all contacts who have history related to that appeal will appear in the History tab; the gifts, if any, will appear on the Gifts tab.

Appeal Tracking benefits

Provides a record of God’s provision for special asks.

Helps you determine who is most responsive to your fund appeals.

Helps you improve your effectiveness when you analyze how you write appeals.

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