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Sorting & Filtering Tables


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Sorting / Filtering TntMPD tables

You can sort certain tables by any column, in an ascending or descending order. Do this by right-clicking in any column header or anywhere in the table and selecting "Sort Ascending" or "Sort Descending".
There are a number of filters you can use to shrink the size of your report. You can access this filter by right-clicking anywhere inside the report.

An example of a table that will filter is the "View Giving Trends" report.

Read More > View Giving Trends

Not all columns can be sorted or filtered. For example, columns that are made up of calculations generally cannot be filtered and will return an error message if you attempt to sort or filter.

Sort Ascending
Sort Descending

Sorts list in alphabetical order by last name (regardless of which field your cursor is in). To sort a specific column, you must have your cursor in the column heading before right-clicking.

Filter By Selection

Shrinks the list to show only contacts with the last name you have selected. (Or whatever field you were in when you right-clicked.)

Filter Excluding Selection

Removes all contacts with the last name you have selected.

Filter By Value

Allows you to enter the last name to filter on (the same as scrolling down to that person and selecting them).

Remove Filter/Sort

Returns report to its original appearance.

Customize Filter

Using query language, you can write a custom filter (advanced)

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