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How TntMPD computes monthly giving


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Contacts in TntMPD have an AveMonthlyGift field that can be used to determine past giving performance and can also be used to estimate future expectations. This field is not necessarily a simple average. If you want a simple average, you can just divide the TwelveMonthTotal field by 12.

Special Partners

When a contact does not have a financial pledge, they are treated as a special partner (no matter what their actual MPD Phase is) and the AveMonthlyGift field does represent the simple average. This is the TwelveMonthTotal field divided by 12.

Financial Partners

When a contact has a financial pledge, their MonthlyPledge (PledgeAmount / PledgeFrequency) is taken into consideration. First of all, the average is based upon (12 + PledgeFrequency) months. This means that a monthly giver has the average based on (12 + 1) 13 months. A quarterly giver is based on (12 + 3) 15 months, and an annual (12 + 12) 24 months. If no gifts have been received within this time frame, the average is zero. If there are no gifts before this range, the number of months is shortened to just include the first gift.

Once this range is established, the first month with gifts prior to the range and the last month with gifts within the range are treated uniquely. The first month with gifts prior to the range is spread out evenly to fill in all months without gifts up until right before the first month with gifts within the range. This is done because the donor probably intended for that gift to cover those months. The last month with gifts is spread out into the future based upon the MonthlyPledge. This is done because the donor probably intends for the gifts that month to count for future months if it is larger than the MonthlyPledge.

To see examples of how TntMPD performs the monthly calculation, go to the TntMPD website. Examples

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