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  • Link to Microsoft Access - Profile concept

    Hey All, I am in the situation where I have our personal TntMPD database and then set up a corporate TntMPD Database. It is easy enough to switch between them through the FILE - Then recent Databases list. However, one thing I was hoping for is a way to link the Microsoft Access databases to their independent...
    by Michael Drackley on 22 Oct 2011
  • Problems with CrossOver 9.0 and TntMPD 2.0 r39

    I recently upgraded to CrossOver 9.0 and now I can't open my existing database. When I try, I get the error from TntMPD "Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed." Same message if I try to restore from a backup. It will not allow me to create a new database either, this...
    by DavidLootens on 8 Mar 2010
  • Re: TntMPD wine and database format

    Hold on! Then... If ComputerA has TntMPD 2.1 and ComputerB has TntMPD 2.0 then ComputerB won't be able to sync both databases because it won't be able to open tntmpd 2.1 database. BUT if ComputerA syncs with computer B then tntsync 2.1 will convert computerB's database to 2.1 and therefore...
    by Nacho on 25 Sep 2009
  • Re: TntMPD wine and database format

    Ha! Great Troy, any option will do. I thought I had no valid automatic backup database, but I might in the second computer. If not I'll do the access thing. One more question on this issue... Is it going to be possible to use tntsync to sync an old database (the one in wine) with a 2.1 one (the one...
    by Nacho on 23 Sep 2009
  • TntMPD wine and database format

    Hi there, I ran into a funny problem here. I just installed the last version of tntmpd on my two computers (one running windows xp, and the other running linux with Virtual Box). Now I am trying to have tntmpd running on linux using wine. I got it, BUT I can only open old databases since the ones that...
    by Nacho on 23 Sep 2009
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