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Cleanup States (version 20090918a)

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posted by guitarmanvt
18 Sep 2009

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Cleanup States (version 20090918a)

This replaces the Cleanup MailingState values add-on.  This update also includes the values found in the HomeState, BusinessState, and OtherState fields, as well as the MailingState field.

After running this tool, make sure to update your Mailing Data via the "File > Maintenance..." menu item in TNTMPD.

You may need to restart TNTMPD before your corrections show up properly in the Lookup dialog box.


HellenThomas2 wrote re: Cleanup States (version 20090918a)
on 14 Apr 2017 5:25 PM

Is this still currently usable for current version of TntConnect 3.2?

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