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TnT-Word-Mac Plug-in for Parallels (version 0.3)

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posted by Troy Wolbrink
18 Sep 2009

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TnT-Word-Mac Plug-in for Parallels (version 0.3)

This plug-in helps make the use of TntMPD on Parallels on a Mac more seamless.  What it does:

  • Allows you to mail merge from TntMPD to Word:mac ... so you won't need to install Microsoft Word inside Parallels for mail merge to work from TntMPD.)
  • Has an option to have Parallels automatically suspend when you close TntMPD ... so you won't have to remember to suspend Parallels when you're done working in TntMPD.)

Notice the versioin is 0.3.  This is because it doesn't have an automatic installation procedure.  All the steps are documented and included (in "readme.txt" and in "Install and Use.doc").

This plug-in was not developed or supported by TntWare.  The author and current maintainer of this plug-in are mentioned in the readme.txt file.  I'm sure he'd be more than happy for someone to take his work and package it so that it's easier to setup on a new computer.  Feel free to seek peer support on this website by clicking "Groups" and posting your question in the Beta Testers discussion forum.


• Hardware with Intel-Chip
• Mac OSX Version 10.4 or 10.5
• Microsoft Office for Mac 2004 or 2008
• Parallels Desktop Version 3.0 (Version 4.0 has not yet been tested nor documented)
• Virtual Windows 2000 or XP in Parallels

This plug-in is a good example of how to take advantage of two developer features introduced in TntMPD in version 2.0.46 which enable a developer to write add-ons that: replace TntMPD's Word-specific mail merge functionality and to perform an action when TntMPD exits.


Nacho wrote re: TnT-Word-Mac Plug-in for Parallels (version 0.3)
on 8 Oct 2009 10:26 PM

Would this work for VirtualBox instead of Parallels? (, the equivalent open source and free to parallels). VirtualBox

works great on Mac and Linux to run a Windows OS and TntMPD.

Brian Biere wrote re: TnT-Word-Mac Plug-in for Parallels (version 0.3)
on 31 Mar 2010 4:18 PM

Any idea if this works for Parallels 5 and Windows 7 os?  I assume no.

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