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  • Changing First Period

    Trying to set up DW so that we can start using it. I am getting the Historical Batch together but running into a problem. Some of the Dates Tendered in the Historcal Batch information are after the date of the beginning of the first period in DW (apparently it is 5/1/2018). When I run the Test import...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by rdagijones on 6 Sep 2018
  • DonorWise or TntConnect

    Hi, I've used TntConnect in the past as a missionary raising support and it was a great tool. I only used a fraction of the features. Now we're starting a non-profit and we'll be raising support/contact management and we'll also need to handle receipting / mailings and also basic accounting...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Jbetke on 21 Aug 2018
  • DonorWise first time use not working

    I just installed DW for the first time, but when I open it I get the following error\ Then when I click OK, it gives me the following empty screen.
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Missionquestoffice on 22 Jun 2017
  • Error in installing - system drive

    I have downloaded the file and when I attempt to install it, it automatically selects the system reserve (F:) drive. I would think DonorWise would install to my default C: drive as all other programs. Because it is attempting to install on system reserve, it runs out of space. Thank you in advance for...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by Luke Sawyer on 6 Dec 2014
  • Setting up DonorWise to run off a remote host with MSSQL

    We are looking to implement DonorWise to replace our current database system, but one non-negotiable is that it must be accessible from all over the world (we have people in Colorado, Wisconsin, Hawaii and Israel who need to have access to add/view/manage contact and transaction info). We currently have...
    Posted to Technical Support (English) by stevish on 27 Apr 2014
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